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About Us

OCP have been operating in Australia since 1991. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of crop protection and nutritional products for growers who are focused on Integrated Pest & Disease Management and improving the health of their soils.

We also manufacture and sell a small range of Australian Organic Registered home garden products which can be viewed and ordered from our website You can also find our range of beneficial bugs called the BACKYARD BUDDIES on this site.

OCP continues to widen and improve its range through a focus on Research and Development. We rigorously test our products for consistency, safety and efficacy to maintain our reputation for quality products backed by a high level of technical support.

OCP is focused on food production that supports bio-diversity and builds the fertility and stability of our ancient and fragile soils. We believe agroecology and restorative agricultural practices are the cornerstone of the continuing prosperity of Australian Agriculture and its image as a supplier of “Clean & Green” produce. We also believe that our highly urbanised lifestyles need to reconnect with the land and producing organic food at home is a vehicle that connects that divide and allows us to appreciate that food production should never be taken for granted.

To support the expansion of ecologically focused food production within rural, peri-urban and urban communities through the production and supply of quality eco-friendly and Registered Organic nutritional and plant protection products.

Kind Regards,
Gary Leeson
Managing Director