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We’re super excited that Slasher Organic Weedkiller has picked up not one but two prestigious awards! After 10 years of research and product development it’s incredibly rewarding to have our work recognised by these awards. Here are the details:

  • Organic Product of the Year – 2017 Organic Consumer Choice Awards
  • Organic Product of the Year (Non-Food) – 2017 Australian Organic Annual Awards for Excellence

Slasher was one of 18 finalists in the Organic Consumer Choice Awards which are voted for by the public. Once all votes were tallied Slasher was the standout winner. Big thanks to all that voted!!! It is particularly satisfying to see so much public support for the product given the short time it has been on the market.  It’s a further sign that more and more people are opting for safe organic options compared to questionable chemicals.

The Australian Organic Annual Awards for Excellence are run by Australia’s largest organic certifying organisation Australian Organic (formerly called the Biological Farmers of Australia – BFA). To be shortlisted and then win is a big nod from the organic industry that Slasher is a quality product. Weeds are one of the biggest challenges facing organic farmers and we are pleased that Slasher is there to help.

Learn more about Slasher by visiting the Slasher product page.

Last week saw a world first being witnessed in South Australia under the watchful eye of James Gardner (OCP Senior Agronomist) and the team from Skyline Aviation Group. The first ever trials using a drone (Vapor 55 UAV Helicopter) as a delivery system for SPLAT EC-O Carob moth mating disruption was conducted in an Almond Orchard in SA. The trial had a number of minor technical issues, including the wind but eventually the drone was able to deliver the payload effectively and efficiently.

The time spent in the field was invaluable for OCP and the Skyline team to understand the nuances of flying drones in tree crops while accurately delivering a product like SPLAT.  Overall the trial went very well and with a few adjustments to the system we are all very confident that Skyline will be delivering SPLAT all over the country for Carob moth, Light Brown Apple moth, Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit moth next season.

The Organic folk have spoken! SLASHER Organic Weedkiller has been named Peoples Choice Organic Product Of The Year!  A big thanks to all of our customers who voted for SLASHER. It means a lot to us as a business that the products we research and develop and put into the market are recognised for their features and performance. With so few alternatives to Glyphosate and other toxic non-selective herbicides, we are so proud of the fact that we can offer our customers a Registered Organic Herbicide that ticks all the boxes.

It’s with pleasure that OCP introduces Adam Curtayne to the very important role of Territory Manager WA. Adam joins our team of very experienced and qualified Agronomists with a  B. Agric. Sci. and many years of on the job agronomic training and local crop experience. Adam started his agricultural career with Simplot Potatoes at Scottsdale in Tasmania.  He then went on to work  for Elders in Carnarvon (Bananas, Citrus & Sweetcorn) and Manjimup (Brassicas, Vines, forestry, pastures & Dairy), Mirco Bros. and South Pacific Seeds and more recently Baileys Fertilisers.  Adam brings a wide range of local crop knowledge and experience with him and is on hand to service the needs of both key accounts and the wider WA grower network. Welcome Adam!

Banana spotting bug (Amblypelta lutescens) causes major damage to avocados, macadamias, paw paws, limes and many other exotic fruit in Qld. Unlike it’s cousin Fruit spotting bug (A.nitida), BSB  is mainly present north of Nambour to Atherton. Up till now growers have found it almost impossible to monitor for his very cryptic bug. Now with the BSB trap and lure, growers can capture nymphs and adults and be able to make spray threshold decisions based on the numbers they are catching on the specially developed sticky boards. The system may look simple but due to the strength of the bug a special glue had to be developed which can stand the test of humidity and sunlight while remaining sticky enough to stop the bugs walking off the boards.

The aggregation lure took Qld DPI years to perfect due to both the nuances of  raising the bugs in captivity to conduct the studies but also the very complex chemical ecology and anatomy of the bug. The BSB trap is sold as single units or as a pack of 10 which is enough to monitor the insect over 1 ha of crop for a 6 week period. It is expected that over time growers can reduce the number of traps as they build up knowledge of where the hot spots are so that the concentration of traps can be placed in that area. Supplies of the trap will be through your local retail outlet and as usual your local OCP Agronomist will assist you with the technical aspects of the use of the trap.

Go to the INSECT TECH  RANGE for further information.

The Topsnap-trap is made out of high-quality stainless steel and solid plastic. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanism, the trap is very user-friendly and efficient for the control of mice in indoor-areas.

Fields of application

It is important to control mice infestation at an early stage in order to avoid proliferation of mice as well as damage and contamination. Thanks to its robustness and durability, topsnap is suited for long-term use in indoor-areas:

  • Stockrooms for food and fodder
  • Greenhouses and growing tunnels
  • Vegetable and fruit storage areas
  • Food processing units
  • House and farm
  • All mice-infested areas in buildings


  • Catches mice for years
  • Catches two mice at a time before recharging
  • Safety aspects: safe for kids and pets; no poison; mice die in the trap and not somewhere where they hide and start to stink
  • Trap indicates when a mouse is caught – can see from a distance
  • Easy to handle – set in 5 seconds
  • Is effective with or without bait
  • Dead mouse does not have to be touched or looked at
  • High quality materials allows it to be used indoor or outside

After many years of Research and Development and Regulatory hurdles, SLASHER WEEDKILLER is now on the market. Just in time to deal with all the Spring and Summer weeds that are bursting out of the ground after all the recents rains. SLASHER WEEDKILLER contains 525g/L PELARGONIC ACID which occurs natrually in plants. SLASHER WEEDKILLER is the first Pelargonic acid based “burn-down” herbicide developed and made in Australia by OCP. Independant trials have validated that SLASHER WEEDKILLER is considerably more cost effective than the standard Organic weedkillers. It can be used where other herbicides pose signficant risks in terms of public health and safety, drift onto sensitive plants and where soil residues can be taken up by larger trees.

This year OCP turns 25 years old! It might not seem a long time ago but it was way before the internet and emails, facebook, twitter and even before handheld mobile phone were used in Australia. Back then business was done the old fashioned way with a face to face sales call. The founding Director of OCP, Leyland Minter;  was the master of the face to face call and I am told by branch managers that by the end of the Leyland Minter sales call you would be believing that he had come up with the idea to put Hydrogen and Oxygen together, his best mate was Albert Einstein amd he had sold you pallet of Synertrol Oil which you has no idea what it did, but you just knew you had to have it!

Back then Synertrol Oil was the only canola oil based adjuvant on the market and was known for its excellent drift retardant and spreading and sticking capabilities. Just like the mobile phones the number of adjuvant options has grown over the years, but Synertrol Oil and its younger cousin Synertrol Horti Oil remain very  cost effective 100% Aussie grown canola oil adjuvant. Since the introduction of Synertrol Oil OCP has grown into a multi-million dollar business employing 14 staff and with distribution across all Agricultural, Horticultural and Consumer markets in Australia and with growing markets overseas.

OCP has over 14 APVMA registered pest and disease control products servicing key niche organic and IPM focused market sectors. Over the past 25 years OCP has established a very strong presence in the biostimulant market working with the premium seaweed brand Acadian Seaplants for nearly 20 of those years. The recent introduction of their range of Amino acid based micro-nutrients and high N liquid and powders has seen OCP consolidate its place as a key player in the organic nutrient business in Australia. OCP’s future looks very bright due to its close association with local and foreign companies like Metcalf Biocontrol (Trichoderma), EID Parry (Azadirachtin), Andermatt Switzerland (insect viruses), ISCA (insect pheromones, mating disruption, lure & kill) and Spensa Tech USA’s OpenScout and Z-Trap monitoring technology.

Crop production into the future is all about making well informed decisions about low residue, low risk, low impact products supported by crop health augmentation, this is right in sights of OCP’s field of vision which can only be a good thing for the future of modern food and fibre production in Australia! 25 Years of serving Australian Horticulture small

OCP was awarded a SILVER MEDAL in the category of Industry Leaders at a Speical Awards night organised by Australian Organic Ltd in Gatton recently. Our new Qld and Nth NSW Territory Manager Jason Vella happily accepted the award on behalf of Gary Leeson who could not attend the night. The Award recognises the contribution OCP has made to the Organic Industry in helping it become a significant player in the food and beverage market in Australia. Organic farmers need quality organic nutrition and pest & disease control products that support high yielding, high quality crops and OCP has been at the forefront of developing and supplying these products for nearly 25 years! Congratulations OCP on a well deserved Industry Award.


OCP is very pleased to announce the very competent and energetic Jason Hingston joins us today (Nov 20th 2015) to take up the role of Territory Manager Vic/Tas.


Jason was Industry Development Officer for the Victorian Strawberry Industry and has been a high achiever in that role for the past 6 years. A native to the Gourmet Food State of Tasmania, Jason grew-up in the north of the State with a passion for Agriculture which led him to study Ag. Science at University of Tasmania. Soon after graduating Jason “immigrated” to Victoria to take up a role as Research Officer with Agronico which he excelled at for 4 years.

Jason’s experiences and qualifications has equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to be a highly effective Territory Manager and I am certain he will excel in his new position with OCP. A big welcome to Jason and I am certain he will quickly become a valuable asset to you in his support of
the OCP range and the ongoing product develop program we are working hard to bring to market.

It’s with excitment that OCP announces the appointment of Jason Vella who took over the role of Territory Manager Qld/Nth NSW from Andrew Woodford on 2nd Nov. 2015.

Jason is a native Queenslander having grown up in the cattle and cane fields (no he does not like “The Go Betweens”) of FNQ’s Mackay area. After high school Jason worked on the family farm for a while until he decided it was time to get more serious about his Agricultural career. This saw Jason move down to Southern Qld to study at Qld University – Gatton Campus. Soon after arriving Jason took on a part-time job with a major horticultural machinery company (Norseman Machinery) while completing his  Bachelor of Applied Science in Agronomy. After graduating Jason went to work for Total Grower Services (TGS) as a field agronomist working with progressive growers in the Lockyer/Darling Down districts.  After two years with TGS Jason moved on to a more senior agronomy role with Farm Chem which he held up until recently.

Jason joins OCP at a time of significant growth and we wish Jason all the best in his new role with us in the Sunshine State! I am certain with Jason’s very cheerful personally, typically hardworking rural  attitude mixed with an excellent knowledge base, Jason will kick many professional goals with OCP. Welcome Jason!

GRANDEX is based on Cydia pomonella granulovirus. GRANDEX is highly selective, only targeting Codling and Oriental fruit moth making it very compatible with IPM systems. With the introduction of Mastrus parasitoid for Codling moth and Heringia calcarata for Woolly aphid, the use of very selective insecticides like GRANDEX is paramount to the successful integration of these two key biological control agents. GRANDEX is a very popular biological insecticide in Europe, New Zeland and North America where the use of Mating Distruption in combination with virus sprays is well advanced and helping growers meet very strict residue standards for sale into European markets.

Insect virus expert on hand at APAL/AUSVEG conference 
Dr. Philip Kessler’s visit to Australia and the APAL/AUSVEG Conference was very successful. Some very good discussions were had on Insect Virus technology and how best to use then as part of Integrated Pest Control strategies.

Phil is head of regulatory Affairs at Andermatt Biocontrol, Switzerland, a World Leader in insect virus technology. Phil has been with Andermatt for over 10 years and is responsible for the registration of biopesticides in the EU, USA, Australia and Asia. Phil is also on the Steering Committee for Microbials within the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association.

Phil and his team at Andermatt are at the forefront of insect virus technology development and are experts in the area of using virus products like GRANDEX® and HELICOVEX® to control major pests of horticultural crops like Heliothis, Codling moth and Oriental fruit moth. Phil will cover how to get the most out of virus sprays in terms of timing of sprays and the best fit within conventional and IPM or organically managed crops.

Phil also had many discussions with growers about their highly successful biofertiliser RhizoVital FBZ42. RhizoVital is a market leader in Europe as a highly effective biofertiliser for potatoes, carrots and other high value vegetable crops to improve yields and quality parameters.

Thank you to all the growers and other industry folk like Tony Filippi (FGV) for attending, organising and supporting Phil during his visit.

It’s with excitement to pass on the news that we have successfully filled the role of TERRITORY MANAGER SA. Gordon Childs joined us last week and has already set the territory alight with his enthusiasm.

Gordon comes from a farming family in the South East of South Australia, based at Penola home of the great Coonawarra Reds! He has spent over 25 years building relationships with resellers and farmers throughout SA through his roles with Vivco IAMA, Abbott Laboratories (where he was known as “Mr Dipel”), PLANTECH Pty Ltd seed producers, E.E. Muir & Sons as their S.E SA Sales Manager, and more recently  a stint with Soil Conservation SA and setting up a successful vegetable production enterprise.

Gordon’s horticultural knowledge is vast and in particular his understanding of IPM practices through 8 years with Abbott made him a standout candidate for the position. I expect with the range of products OCP is building and the expertise that Gordon brings to the role, SA will become a standout performer. Please feel free to contact Gordon at any time .

Welcome Gordon!

Brand new batch of STIM-PHOS heading out the door for our turf customer – Living Turf.

On the back of the huge success of STIMPLEX and its use with Phos acid, OCP have decided to combine the biostimulant benefits of the two with the introduction of STIM-PHOS. We are very excited by the prospects of this product with the added benefit of Chitosan, as all three ingredients are known for their positive effects on plant health and we are confident that STIM-PHOS will assists growers with keeping their crops in tip-top condition.