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Precision Organics

OCP will soon launch a platform that allows growers to seamlessly transition their farming enterprises to organic certification. The software will provide all the information producers will need to transition part or all of their property to Organic Certification. It will allow practitioners to easily record and store all the information an Organic Auditor will need for your production system to be compliant with any desktop audit at the click of a button. The software will integrate aerial mapping of the property along with soil mapping, nutritional data, and harvest data to keep track of your nutritional budget. The system will fully integrate PRECISION IPM which includes OPEN SCOUT or OPENSCOUT INSIGHTS. These two software platforms provide up to date information on weather, pest and disease pressure cross referenced with crop and pest modelling across the farm you can predict pest and disease problems before they happen giving you time to make management decisions. The integration of Z-Trap remote sensing traps that can provide real-time updates on pest pressure, you are in total control of damage thresholds. And when that threshold is reached you have a toolbox full of OCP products to choose from. With so much technology at your fingertips, there is now no excuse not to GO ORGANIC!