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Spodovir® Plus is a Nucleopolyhedrovirus (Isolate 19 – SfMNPV) which targets the neonates & juvenile stages (up to L3) of Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda). NPV’s were developed as a highly selective way to control caterpillar pests and like its sister product Helicovex®, Spodovir® Plus is an effective population management tool which can be tanked mixed with other crop protection products. NPV’s like Spodovir Plus are excellent resistance management tools and are highly compatible with any IPM system. The advantages of NPV’s is that when conditions are favorable for the spread of the virus in the crop, target pest can be re-infect through what is known as horizontal transmission without the need for further spraying.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent Resistance Management tool
  • Non-toxic, no MRL requirements and no withholding period.
  • Highly selective against Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall armyworm)
  • Very suited for integrated and organic pest management
  • High compatibility with other agricultural inputs
  • Excellent shelf life (min 2 years when stored @ <+5 Deg C)
  • Good rainfastness once dried on crop

Metcalf Gauntlet containing Trichoderma harzianum (Td22) is a fungus that provides a healthy growing environment for native plants and crops like onions.

Plant biostimulant used to stimulate root growth, enahnce plant strength, vitality and stress resilience.
N: 0.1% P: 10% K: 18% Fe: 28ppm, Zn:4ppm

STIM-PHOS combines the unique benefits of phosphonates with pure Asophyllum nodosum Acadian seaweed extract. Acadian liquid extract is chemically combined with phosponates to form a highly mobile complex of mono and dipotassium phosphite and betines, polybetines and oligosaccarides. These compounds are translocated throughout the plant unimpeded to strengthen the plant from top to bottom against environmental and cultural stresses. The unique formulation of phosponates, potassium, seaweed based trace elements ensure that plants treated with STIM-PHOS will receive a comprehensive nutrient supplement and other compounds that are known plant health strengtheners.