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Biostimulants are now recognised as important supplements to conventional fertiliser programs becuase they offer a complex mix of essential micro-nutrients and other substances that can elicit a range of positive effects in plants resulting in healthy yields.

Acadian 100% soluble extract powder

Acadian extract powder is the most concentrated form of 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract powder. Acadian extract powder can be used to formulate liquid seaweed products up to 20% w/v or used in crops at rates as low as 500g/ha throught the irrigation or applied as a cover spray.
Pack sizes: 2.5kg, 20kg

Acadian Roots&Shoots

Acadian Roots&Shoots is the most inexpensive 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosumseaweed liquid on the Australian market. It is an entry level liquid seaweed designed to meet the requirments of growers who understand the benefits of adding a quality liquid seaweed to their nutritional program but are severely resticted by their budget.

Pack sizes: 10L, 200L, 1000L


Aminogro is a enzymatically digested blend of crustacean and wild fish wastes fortfied with trace minerals and vitamins. Aminogro contains nitrogen in the amine form (NH2+) which is the most plant available form of essential nutrients. A balanced blend of NPK, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and proteins makes Aminogro a complete organic plant food.
Pack sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L


Stimplex is Acadian Seaplant’s premium liquid biostimulant. Stimplex is the number one pure Ascophyllum nodosum liquid seaweed concentrate in North America and Europe. Stimplex can be used in a wide range of crops to improve root and shoot growth and stress tolerance levels in plants. Stimplex provides growers with a greater level of certainty of yields and crop uniformity in an uncertain growing environment.
Pack sizes: 10L, 200L, 1000L


OCP FULVIC 90 is a highly concentrated powdered fulvic acid derived from plant material. Fulvic acid is the most bio-active and soluble form of humics due to its very small molecular size compared with humic acids. OCP FULVIC 90 is easily dissolved in water and applied to foliage where it is readily absorbed and interacts with plant metabolic processes. Because of the high mobility of fulvic acid in plant tissue, OCP FULVIC 90 can also be used as a nutrient “shuttle” or chelator to improve the uptake of foliar fertilisers that are generally unable to penetrate through leaf tissue and/or generally less mobile in the plant.


OCP FULVIC 9 is a liquid formulation containing 9% fulvic acid. OCP FULVIC 9 is best incorporated as a tank mix with other foliar nutrients to improve uptake and efficacy.