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Plant & Soil Fertility is the first line of defence against insect and disease problems. Organic farming systems sometimes struggle to maintain good plant nutrition due to the prohibition of high analysis fertilisers. However, solutions are at hand through the use of the Aminogro MAXi Range of high Organic N and trace elements. The trace element range is chelated with amino acids and complexing agents collectively referred to as OrganoPLEX. OCP can provide soil testing services and blend a nutritional package to what ever prescription you need to correct any secondary or trace element deficiency that may be limiting crop yields. We also have the capacity to add a range of unique beneficial microbes range that will help to improve plant growth while reducing the impacts of plant diseases.

Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07%

Australian Registered Organic OrganoPLEX COMBI Trace elements
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi Boron 8%

Australian Organic Registered OrganoPLEX Boron 8%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi Calcium 12%

Australian Organic Registered Calcium 12%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi Copper 12%

Australian Organic Registered Copper 12%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi Iron 12%

Australian Organic Registered Iron 12%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi Magnesium 8%

Australian Organic Registered OrganoPLEX Magnesium 8%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi Manganese 10%

Australian Organic Registered Manganese 10%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi N13

Aminogro MAXi N13 is a powder based Australian Organic Registered high analysis nitrogen source which provides plants with an array of amino acids in the form of L-form free amino acids, peptides and polypeptides. Nitrogen is use in plants in the form of amino acids so fertilizing with amino acids is a very efficient way of delivering Nitrogen. The organic carbon in Aminogro MAXi N13 also enhances microbial activity which assists the plant to access other nutrients and helps to maintain Carbon in the soil. Aminogro MAXi also acts as a natural chelator of other nutrients in tank mixes.

Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag

Aminogro MAXi N7

Aminogro MAXi N7 is a high analysis liquid organic nitrogen containing 7% Nitrogen in both free L-form amino acids and peptides from a non-animal protein source.
Plants assimilate nitrogen as amine (NH2+) which is moved around plants attached to amino acids like Glutamic and Aspartic acid. Amino acids are also the building blocks of plant proteins and regulators of essential plant functions like photosynthesis, respiration and ultimately crop yields.
Plants survive and thrive on the way amino acids are created, transformed and mobilized in plants.The L-form amino acids found in Aminogro MAXi are known to regulate plant responses that help them adapt to the prevailing environmental conditions.
Pack Sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L

Aminogro MAXi Zinc 12%

Australian Organic Registered Zinc 12%
Pack Sizes: 10kg pail & 25kg bag


Silicon ……………………min. 23.8%
Potassium……….………min. 27.8%
SARSil is a high analysis liquid Potassium silicate designed for use as a foliar or soil applied fertiliser, crop conditioner.
• Increases leaf chlorophyll content and plant metabolism
• Enhances plant anti-oxidant levels that assist with buffering against environmental stress
• Mitigates nutrient imbalances and toxicity in plants
• Reinforces canopy architecture leading to improved photosynthesis efficiencies and reduced sunburn and heat stress
• Toughens plant cell walls making it more difficult for invading pathogens to infect and reduces the palatability of the plant to insects.
• Thicker cell walls which reduces moisture loss and postharvest breakdown.
SARSil can also be used to reduce the scale in irrigation lines where bore water high in Iron and other dissolved salts is used.