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Insect pest management in crops in the 21st Century is not about controlling 99.9% of the population with a pesticide. Agroecology from a pest managment standpoint is about designing crops that have the greatest level of bio-diversity to support the attraction and populating of pest predators, parasitoids and crop pollinators. Insecticides that reduce insect pests with minimal impact on beneficial insects are essential to farming in a modern world.

AzaMax Natures Insecticide

AzaMax contains bontanical oils and a concentrated botanical extracts from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica A.Juss). Azadirachtin is one of the most widely researched botanical extracts in the world. AzaMax controls insects by disrupting the hormonal systems that regulate feeding, growth, development and reproduction. AzaMax affected insects  stop feeding, stop moulting (stop growing) and lose interest in mating and egg laying.
Becuase insects need to feed on AzaMAx treated plant surfaces to be affected, its impact on beneficial insects is minor. Contact your local OCP rep for further advice on how to successfully integrate AzaMax into your IPM system.
Pack Sizes: 1L, 5L, 10L

Eco Oil Organic Miticide Insecticide

Eco-oil is Australia’s first botanical oil based organic miticide/insecticide made from 100% Australian-grown oils. eco-oil controls a broad range of insects, including scale, mites, aphids, whitefly and leafminer. Because eco-oil uses light botanical oils that boil off plant surfaces fast, there is less risk of burning foliage with eco-oil than with white oil and other mineral/petroleum oil sprays. This also allows eco-oil to carry no withholding period for edible crops.
Pack sizes: 500ml, 1L , 5L,20L,200L, 1000L

HELICOVEX NPV Bio-insecticide

Against: African cotton bollworm (Corn earworm) and Native budworm (Heliothis armigera & Heliothis puntigera)
Active Ingredient: Min. 7.5 x 1012 /L Polyhedral Inclusion Bodies ofHeliothis armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV)
Formulation Type: Suspension concentrate
Standard Dosage: 100 – 200 ml per ha
Horticultural crops
Sweetcorn,Potatoes, Berryfruits, Brassicas, Asian greens, Cucurbits, Celery, Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes, Leafy vegetables, Beans, Peas, Flowers, Pome fruit
Broadacre crops
Cereal grains, Oilseeds, Peanuts, Lucerne, Pulses, Fodder crops, Cotton
HELICOVEX® offers highly effective control of H. armigera & H. punctigera. The virus can kill the young instar larvae and can prevent damage. Moreover, the use of HELICOVEX® has a sustained control effect on Heliothis populations because the virus has the potential to re-infect new hatchings if conditions are favourable. Unlike Bt’s HELICOVEX® virus can effectively control up to L3 (> 7mm in length) larvae.
  • Non-toxic, no MRL requirements and no (minimum) withholding period.
  • Highly selective against Heliothis armigera and Heltiothis punctigera so very suited for integrated and organic pest management and preservation of other native Lepidoptera species.
  • Contributes to resistance management of traditional insecticides.
  • High quality formulation meaning lower rates than other NPV’s – (up to 3.75 times more concentrated).
  • Compatible with foliar fertilizers, fungicides and other insecticides (pH in tank mix 5 – 8.5)
  • Excellent shelf life (2 years at 5 °C) and rainfastness.

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Pyganic Organic Insecticide

PyGanic® is based on Natural Pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemum daisies grown in Tasmania and other parts of the world. PyGanic® has no residues so can be used up to the day of harvest. PyGanic® is a fast
knockdown insecticide making it compatible with IPM due to the fact that no residues remain after spraying. PyGanic® is a known insecticide resistance breaker becuase the natural variation of pyrethrins in the product prevents insects building any resistance. PyGanic® is the only IFOAM, NOP, BioGro and BFA Registerd Organic Pyrethrum insecticide becuase it does not contain Piperenoyl butoxide (PBO) or other prohibited solvents.
Pack Sizes: 1L and 3.78L (1 USgallon)

GRANDEX Codling & Oriental Fruit moth virus

GRANDEX is another quality insect virus product from the Andermatt Biocontrol, Switzerland stable. GRANDEX is based on Cydia pomonella granulovirus. GRANDEX is highly selective, only targeting Codling and Oriental fruit moth making it very compatible with IPM systems. With the introduction of Mastrus parasitoid for Codling moth and Heringia calcarata for Woolly aphid, the use of very selective insecticides like GRANDEX is paramount to the successful integration of these two key biological control agents. GRANDEX is a very popular biological insecticide in Europe, New Zeland and North America where the use of Mating Distruption in combination with virus sprays is well advanced.

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SPLAT CL (Cue-Lure) Male Qld Fruit fly Bait

SPLAT CL is a viscous emulsion containing Cue-lure (CL) parapheromone in a matrix of plant waxes, oils and other proprietary materials. SPLAT provides rain and UV protection for the pheromone and pesticide ( if combined with a toxicant). It is a biologically inert and bio-degradable matrix making it suitable for organic farms (depending on toxicant). Flowable characteristics allow for manual and mechanical application methods including OCP’s SPLATAGATOR. Contact your local OCP Rep for further information.
Pack Size: 300g and 15kg pail