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Pollination aids


SPLAT Bloom is a bee foraging enhancer developed to enhance honey bee pollination and fruit set. Discrete dollops release worker bee Nasanov pheromones over a month long period to make honey bees move further, be more active and stay longer in the crop.


Pack Sizes: 100g, 750g, 15kg
Rate: 1.5kg/ha

Bee-tagonizer bee vectoring powder

Beetagonizer-WebBee-tagonizer is a powdered formulation containing a beneficial fungus developed for use in entomovectoring situations. The formulation is designed to carry spores of a specially selected and grown Trichoderma spp. to flowers using bees as the vector (carrier). The process involves the use of a special release box that is attached to bee hives which forces the bees to walk through the area treated with the Bee-tagonizer formulation. The bees pick up the powder and fly off to the flowers and while they forage they also deliver the fungal spores to the flower. The Trichoderma spores then germinate and colonise in the flower which helps with fruit set and quality yields.