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Water Management

OCP manufactures a range of liquid and granular soil wetting agents and hydration products including HydraSoil, Hydretain & eco-hydrate


eco-hydrate is a blend of Ascophylum nodosum seaweed, fulvic acid, amino-acids and Hydretain. eco-hydrate rehydrates the soil and rejuvinates plants that have been under moisture stress. eco-hydrate is most suited to horticulturalists that are looking for a product that will treat difficult to wet soils while enriching plants with essential nutrients and biostimulants.
Pack sizes:  500ml, 2L hose-on, 20L


HydraSoil is a specially formulated soil surfacant designed to improve water peneration in non-wetting or difficult to wet soils without excessive leaching or plant root burn. HydraSoil is used by horticulturalists and golf course managers to improve irrigation efficiency by reducing water run-off and excessive surface evaporation. HydraSoil is also used to establish broadacre crops and pastures in marginal sandy soils.


Hydretain is a unique blend of soil surfactants and humectants designed to improve soil wetting and moisture retention. Hydretain is most effective when used in very porous or sandy soils where moisture loss is a constant battle. Hydretain is most suited to the establishment of horticultural crops from seedlings and potted plants and use on turf and lawns where irrigation use is limited. It has been shown that mycorrhizal fungi activity is enhanced in the presence of a particular components in Hydretain which also assists with mositure and phosphorus access a to plants.