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Yates Premium Blood & Bone

Yates Premium Blood & Bone

Yates Premium Blood & Bone contains 90% blood and Bone meal and is fortified with potash to enhance fruit and flower development. (N7.7 : P5.0 : K1.2)

Ensure you read the label directions and precaution advice when using this product around pets, particularly dogs, as it may be harmful if consumed.


  • Complete balanced formulation
  • Slow release nutrients
  • Added Potassium sulphate (Potash)
  • Assists in stimulating soil microbial activity
  • Improves plant drought tolerance and disease resistance
  • Low odour formulation

How it works

Yates Premium Blood & Bone is 90% pure and is suitable for a wide range of plants including vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, lawns as well as exotic trees and shrubs.

Yates Premium Blood & Bone contains:

  • Nitrogen for healthy leaf growth
  • Phosphorus for strong root development
  • Potassium for flower and fruit development
  • Calcium—essential for cell wall structure and strength


This product may be harmful to pets, especially dogs, if consumed. Avoid heaping Yates Premium Blood & Bone as this may attract dogs. Cultivate into the surface and water well to help prevent dogs consuming. Store away from dogs. If dogs consume this product, contact your veterinary surgeon immediately.

The dust from this product may irritate the eyes and skin. Avoid contact and inhalation of dust. Do not feed to sheep, cattle, deer, alpacas, goats or other ruminant animals. Some pets may be attracted to this product. Store in sealed packaging and rake or water in well after top dress application.

Pack Size: 20kg