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All-in-one bait for Medfly & Queensland Fruit fly

With the recent spread of Qld Fruit Fly from our northern growing regions to our southern regions and Medfly from the west to the east coast, the threat from Fruit fly infestation to our temperate fruit growers has never been more severe. Growers need more tools in the tool box to deal with these two devastating pests.

Being a company that is always on the front foot to help growers, OCP have secured approval to import and trial (large commercial scale) a product that lures and kills both Medfly and Qld FF. ANAMED WB SP0.1  is a unique formulation for Fruit fly management, containing 0.1% Spinosad toxicant, TML and ME attractant and a highly attractive protein matrix. The combined effect of the higher concentration of the Spinosad and the unique protein matrix allows ANAMED WB Sp0.1 to last between 10-14 days in the orchard which is up to twice as long as other bait sprays. This makes ANAMED WB SP0.1 a very versatile product and allows growers to get on with other important tasks in the orchard.

So if you are interested in ANAMED WB SP0.1 and are happy to trial the product this year please get in touch with your local OCP Territory Manager or send an email to for further advice.

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