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Hydretain - 20 Litre

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Hydretain - 200 Litre


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Hydretrain isn’t your typical soil wetting agent. It was designed to enhance the way plant roots access soil moisture. It is most effective when used in very porous or sandy soils where moisture loss is a constant battle such as golf greens, playing fields, lawn, potted plants, and seedling plugs. Hydretrain is suited to plant establishment and has been proven to outperform water (crystals) storage granules.

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  • Improves water use efficiency
  • Reduces “Dry Patch” in turf
  • Improves water penetration and uniformity
  • Helps to protect root system development under sub-optimal moisture levels
  • Biodegrades much faster than polyacrylamide (PAM) water crystals, leaving no acrylamide monomers in the environment

538g/L Organic Humectants, 219g/L Organic Soil Surfactants

Hydretrain works by absorbing and storing water as microscopic droplets on the root hairs, root tips and soil particles. This reduces soil moisture evaporation and significantly improves how water is used at the root zone, which reduces moisture stress and the number of watering cycles needed. It also reduces water repellency of non-wetting soils which maximises the effectiveness of any precipitation or applied irrigation.

For Turf Dose Rate For Plants Dose Rate
General Maintenance every 6-8 weeks 500mL/100m2 Bare Rooted Plant Stock 100mL/L
Seeding & Stolonizing 1L/100m2 Pot Plants 20mL/L
Sodding 500mL/100m2 Landscaping 20mL/L
With Soil Wetter every 4 weeks 250mL/100m2 Seedlings/Speedlings 40mL/L

Compatible with most soil applied nutrients and pesticides. However, always conduct a small jar test for tank mixes of more than one product and test a small treatment area before applying more widely.

  • Hydretain - 20 Litre
  • Hydretain - 200 Litre

Hydretain should be watered into moist soil to be effective as it shows no benefit when applied to the foliage of plants.

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