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Yates Surrender Mosskiller

$363.95 Inc. GST

Yates Surrender Mosskiller

Yates Surrender Mosskiller is a fast acting, easy to use formulation for the control of moss, algae, liverwort and lichen. It can be used around potted plants, in garden beds, lawns and on paths, roofs and other hard surfaces. Simply spray over these areas and the algae, moss etc. will disappear within days.

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  • Controls moss, algae, liverwort, and lichen
  • Use around potted ornamental plants, in garden beds, lawns, and on paths, roofs, and other hard surfaces
  • Can be applied to painted surfaces, steel, plastic, synthetic materials, wooden and material surfaces
  • Safe to use on bentgrass, buffalo, couch, fescue, and ryegrass lawns
  • Fast acting and easy to use
  • Kills moss and lichen within minutes and algae and liverwort within 24-48 hours (under ideal conditions)
  • Minimal odour and non-staining
  • Has rapid and efficient germicidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms
  • The active ingredient (benzalkonium chloride) is commonly used as a sanitiser in various industries for the control of bacteria, certain fungi, and viruses
  • The excellent algal control properties and high bactericidal potency make it a very effective chemical for slime control

Active constituent: 500g/L benzalkonium chloride

Yates Surrender Mosskiller has a powerful penetrating and wetting action which enables rapid absorption of the active ingredient by moss, algae, liverwort and lichen. Absorption occurs between 5-15 minutes of application.

Moss and lichen are killed within minutes whilst algae and liverwort results can be seen within 24-48 hours. This is subject to correct application conditions and rates.

DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 12 hours

DO NOT allow spray to contact the foilage of wanted plants, except lawns

DO NOT use around seedlings

Weeds Controlled Rate Critical comments
Bentgrass, buffalo, couch, fescues and ryegrass lawns Algae, Lichen, Liverwort, Moss
25 mL per litre of water over 10m2
Ensure the target area is well watered before applying. Good spray coverage is important. Broadcast or spot spraying is acceptable.
Potted ornamental plants, garden beds Algae, Lichen, Liverwort, Moss
10-15 mL per litre of water over 10m2
Spray only over the soil to thoroughly wet the weeds. If the spray accidentally contacts foliage of watered plants, hose off within 5 minutes.
Tiled roofs, rockeries, drives, pathways Algae, Lichen, Liverwort, Moss
20 mL per litre of water over 10m2
Spray to just wet. For heavy infestation, clean off after 40 hours and reapply.

Do not use around seedlings.

When applying to potted plants, if Yates Surrender Mosskiller contacts the foliage of wanted plants, wash off with water within 5 minutes to reduce the risk of damage, particularly on soft or new foliage.

Not recommended for use on all lawn species. Only recommended for bentgrass, buffalo, couch, fescue and ryegrass lawns.

  • Yates Surrender Mosskiller - 10 Litre
  • The penetrants and surfactants in Yates Surrender Mosskiller will bubble when first applied. These disappear soon after application.

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