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Plastic Delta Trap

$94.97 Inc. GST

Plastic Delta Trap

Plastic Delta Trap used for trapping and monitoring a range of pest insects. Made from sturdy corrugated plastic and includes replaceable sticky liners. Use in combination with a pheromone lure (sold separately).

Product Documentation

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  • Effective tool for trapping and monitoring a variety of pest insects
  • Suitable for a range of pheromone lures
  • Provides accurate pest pressure data to determine the most cost-effective and productive control solution
  • Durable and sturdy design that is easily deployed in the crop

When combined with a pheromone lure, insects are drawn into the Plastic Delta Trap and become stuck on the waterproof sticky liner inside.

Open the Plastic Delta Trap and insert the sticky liner on the base. Place a pheromone lure onto the sticky liner. Hang trap within the crop or wherever the pest usually resides.

Check the trap regularly (every few days) for the presence of pest insects and replace the sticky liner when full or in accordance with your monitoring regime e.g. weekly. The pheromone lure can be removed and placed onto fresh sticky liners until it has expired.

Application Rate

For general monitoring purposes use at least 2 traps/ha and at least 2 traps per location. For mass trapping, higher densities will be required.

Note that rates will vary according to the pest, crop and attractant being used. For best results consult a qualified pest control advisor, or your distributor, for specific instructions regarding the application rates and timing.

Suitable for use with most pheromone lures.

  • Plastic Delta Trap - White
  • Replacement sticky liners are available here.

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