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HydraSoil is used to improve water penetration and uptake into water repellent soils. This helps to increase soil water storage capacity and helps to reduce excessive nutrient run-off and soil erosion. HydraSoil is used by horticulturalists and golf course managers to improve irrigation efficiency by reducing water run-off and excessive surface evaporation. HydraSoil remains active in the soil for up to three months with continued re-wetting performance. Suitable for use on turf, pot plants, broad-acre sowing and pest control.

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  • Improves water uptake in non-wetting soils
  • Specially formulated to improve lateral movement of soil water to reduce nutrient leaching
  • Enhances the uniform application of soil applied pesticides
  • Reduces run-off and soil erosion
  • Improves seed germination in non-wetting sands

99% EO/PO block copolymers blend

HydraSoil reduces water repellency by changing the surface tension between soil particles and water. It provides an even initial wetting of the soil and allows the soil to re-wet effectively. Its unique formulation maximises lateral water uptake without causing excessive vertical movement through the soil profile, which prevents leaching of nutrients and pesticides from the root zone.

Situation Dose Rate Comments
Turf 250mL/100m2 Apply every 4-6 weeks during late spring and summer.
Pot Plants/Gardens 2mL/L Drench into pots or apply to media before transplanting. Top ups may be needed every 6 weeks.
Broad-acre sowing 500mL/ha in 60-100L of water Apply at seeding with trailing wetting agent applicator mounted behind a furrow sowing combine.
Pest Control 5mL/L Add to soil drenched pesticides for better distribution throughout the targeted area.

Compatible with most soil applied nutrients and pesticides. However, always conduct a small jar test for tanks mixed with more than one product and test a small treatment area before applying more widely.

  • HydraSoil - 20 Litre
  • HydraSoil is suitable for use at any time of the year.

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