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Aminogro - 20 Litre

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Aminogro is the complete plant food fortified with essential trace elements. Made up of an enzymatically digested blend of crustacean and wild fish wastes fortified with trace minerals and vitamins. Aminogro contains nitrogen in the amine form (NH2+) which is the most plant available form of essential nutrients. It is readily absorbed by roots and foliage of treated plants, vines, trees and pastures.

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  • Source of essential plant and soil food in the form of naturally derived nutrients
  • Increases soil microbial life and organic matter breakdown
  • Boosts plant’s natural ability to resist attack from pests & diseases through improved plant & soil health
  • Reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers

Nitrogen (N) 2.7%
Phosphorous (P) 0.4%
Potassium (K) 0.7%
Calcium (Ca) 0.2%
Sulfur (S) 0.2%

Molybdenum (Mo) 29 ppm,
Boron (B) 300 ppm, Zinc (Zn) 282 ppm,
Magnesium (Mg) 278ppm,
Manganese (Mn) 53 ppm,
Iron (Fe) 97 ppm,
Copper (Cu) 42 ppm,

Heavy metals:
Mercury<0.005ppm, Cadmium 0.11ppm, Lead (not detected) Vitamins: A, B12, C, D, E and K Minimum Total Solids 30.65% w/v.

The production of Aminogro involves the bacterial enzyme digestion of marine wastes into L-form amino acids, the building blocks of plant proteins and regulators of essential plant functions (photosynthesis, respiration and crop yield). Plants assimilate nitrogen in amine (NH2 +) form. Amines are moved around plants attached to amino acids such as glutamic and aspartic acid. Plants survive and thrive because of the way amino acids are created, transformed and mobilised in plants.

Foliar Application

To achieve the best results with Aminogro always apply premixed with Synertrol® Oil.

Spray both the top and underside of foliage.

Synertrol Oil will maximise the results of Aminogro by increasing the amount of spray that reaches and adheres to the sprayed surface. Drift and odour is reduced.

Synertrol Oil should be mixed with Aminogro at the rate of 2.5mL per litre of water.

  • Spray foliage every 10-14 days in Spring/Summer and every 20-30 days in Autumn/Winter, depending on plant type and growing conditions.
  • Apply 10mL/L water to fruit and nut trees (except citrus), vegetables, strawberries, ginger, tomatoes, melons, passionfruit, grapes and legumes.
  • Apply 5mL/L water to seedlings, herbs, flowers, nurseries, indoor plants, palms, pineapples, bananas and sugarcane.
  • Apply 4mL/L water to citrus, ferns, orchids, carnations and known spray sensitive species.

Soil Application

  • Apply every 3 weeks during Spring/Summer and every 10 weeks during Autumn/Winter, depending on soil, plant type and growing conditions.
  • Application of Aminogro should be applied or injected into the irrigation system towards the end of watering.
  • It is necessary to use enough water to carry the Aminogro into the top 20 cm of soil profile.
  • Apply 40-50 L in 1 L Synertrol Oil/ha to soil.


  • Apply 5mL/L water approximately 5 days prior to emergence.
  • On emergence seedlings should be sprayed with Aminogro at 5mL/L water twice weekly for 2 weeks and then as often as necessary.

Nurseries, Home Garden & Pot Plants

Apply frequently to foliage at 5mL/L water at approximately 21 day intervals based on plant growth, colour and need.

For soil apply 5mL/5L water per m2, as a drench.

For pot plants and containers apply every 7-14 days at a rate of 5mL/L water. Soak potting mix well.

Aminogro is compatible with most horticultural sprays. Always check the pesticide spray label for interaction with foliar fertilisers and test on a small area before widespread application.

  • Aminogro - 20 Litre
  • Aminogro - 200 Litre

Avoid spraying in conditions where temperature and UV light conditions are high.

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