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ISCA Ball Trap

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ISCA Ball Trap

ISCA Ball Trap is used for trapping a range of pest insects including fruit flies and yellow jacket wasps. The design offers the flexibility of working with a variety of solid and liquid attractants. In particular the large base receptacle holds twice as much liquid as most other traps. Field studies have shown it to be superior to McPhail, Dome and other similar traps.

Product Documentation

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  • Can be used to hold pheromone based rubber septas, solids, gels, SPLAT and liquid food based attractants
  • Deep, large base that holds twice as much liquid as most other traps which reduces evaporation and improves attraction longevity
  • Bigger and rounder shape results in a trap that better mimics a fruit to better capture the attention of insects
  • Better durability increases working life and reduces waste on farm
  • Helps reduce human and environmental exposure to pesticides
  • Reduces the possibility of pesticide resistance by limiting their excessive use

When combined with a liquid or solid attractant insects are drawn into the ISCA Ball Trap and cannot escape. No insecticide is required as the insects will drown.

Fill base of the ISCA Ball Trap with water and place chosen attractant in the base and/or the dry receptacle at the top. Hang trap in a shaded location within the crop or wherever the pest usually resides.

Check the trap regularly (every few days) for the presence of pest insects. Top water levels up when they fall to halfway and replace the liquid or solid attractants as per their label (usually every 4 – 8 weeks.

Application Rate

For general monitoring purposes use at least 2 traps/ha and at least 2 traps per location. For general mass trappings use 50-100 traps/ha.

Note that rates will vary according to the pest, crop and attractant being used. For best results consult a qualified pest control advisor, or your distributor, for specific instructions regarding the application rates and timing.

Suitable for use with any solid or liquid attractant designed for ball traps.

  • ISCA Ball Trap - Yellow
  • Ensure any liquid attractant is not spilt on the outside of the ISCA Ball Trap as this may cause insects to remain outside the trap.

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