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Foliar Fertilisers

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Foliar Fertilisers


Foliar fertilisers are best applied to correct minor nutreint defiencies because generally they can be applied rapidly and in smaller quantities than soil applied fertilisers. They are best applied in a chelated form making more easiliy taken up through the leaf and translocated throughout the rest of the plant. Chelated nurtrients also do not dry the same way that salt based nutrients they form crystals which can be easily blown or shaken from the leaves. The Amingro Maxi range of foliar nutrients are chelated and complexed using amino acids and peptides making them very effective foliar applied nutrients.



Amino acid-based complete plant and soil food.

Aminogro MAXi Boron 8%

Amino acid chelate and complexed boron trace element for better fruit set.

Aminogro MAXi Calcium 12%

Amino acid chelate and complexed calcium to combat calcium deficiency.

Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07%

Amino acid chelate and complexed trace elements to combat critical trace element deficiencies.

Aminogro MAXi Copper 12%

Treat copper deficiency with 12% organic copper.

Aminogro MAXi Iron 12%

Organic 12% iron to boost chlorophyll production.

Aminogro MAXi Magnesium 8%

Organic magnesium 8% to stimulate crop performance.

Aminogro MAXi N7

High analysis 7% liquid organic nitrogen.

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