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Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07% - 10 kg


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Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07% - 25 kg

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Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07%

Aminogro MAXi Combi brings together key elements to promote germination, growth, cell wall strength and chlorophyll production. Aminogro MAXi Combi covers most of the micronutrients that cause growth and yield limiting effects in plants.

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  • 100% water soluble powder
  • Essential range of micronutrients for healthy plant growth and yields
  • OrganoPLEX technology to enhance plant uptake and assimilation
  • Contains 7.4% nitrogen to assist with healthy plant growth
  • Suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas

Iron (Fe): 5%
Manganese (Mn): 2%
Zinc (Zn): 4%
Copper (Cu): 1%
Boron (B): 0.6%
Molybdenum (Mo): 0.07%
Organic Carbon (C): 16% w/w
Amine Nitrogen (N): 7.4% w/w

Aminogro MAXi COMBI works by providing plants with an essential range of both complexed and chelated micronutrients by using the L-form free amino acids along with simple organic sugars and acids. It comes as a water-soluble powder and can be mixed with most horticultural sprays, fungicides and insecticides. The Aminogro MAXI range also delivers to the plant a small dose of high quality amino acid based nitrogen that supports healthy growth and development. When applied to the plant the OrganoPLEXed nutrients provide immediate nutrient stress relief to improve plant growth and overall yield.

1 L Scoop = approx. 300 g

The rates below are a guide and dependent upon soil and sap tests throughout the growing season.
Consult your OCP Agronomist for further advice.

Tree Crop

Tree Crop Rate 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Pome Fruit 2.5-3 kg/ha At fruit set 1 month after fruit set 2 months before harvest 2 weeks before harvest
Stone Fruit 1.5-2 kg/ha At fruit set 2-3 weeks later 2-3 weeks later 2 weeks before harvest
Nuts 1-2 kg/ha At bud swell At nut set 2 weeks later
Bananas 2-3 kg/ha With seasonal application of potassium & nitrogen

Vine Crop

Vine Crop Rate 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Table Grapes 2.5-3 kg/ha Pre-bloom E-L 12 Pre-bloom E-L 16 Fruit set E-L 27 Post harvest E-L 40
Wine Grapes 2 kg/ha Pre-bloom E-L 12 Fruit set E-L 27 Post harvest E-L 40
Strawberries, Blueberries 2-2.5 kg/ha Begin at fruit set and repeat as sap results indicate

Protected Crops

Protected Crops Rate Application Timing
Hydroponic run to waste & NFT All Crops 500 g-1 kg/10,000 L Consult OCP agronomist for crop specific requirements
Nursery Stock Foliar If deficiency is detected consult OCP agronomist

Field Crops

Field Crops Rate 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Leafy Veggies, Lettuce 2 kg/ha 4 leaf stage Every 14 days until harvest
Carrots, Onions, Leeks, Turnips 2 kg/ha 2 weeks after emergence At root enlargement 6 weeks before harvest
Brassica, Crucifer 2 kg/ha 6-8 true leaf stage 10-14 days later At head initiation
Bean & Peas 2 kg/ha 4-6 true leaf stage At first bloom At first pod
Potatoes, Yam, Taro 2 kg/ha (Seed treatment optional) At tuber set Early bloom
Sweet Corn 2 kg/ha 2-6 true leaf stage 50-75cm growth Just prior to tasselling

Professional Turf

Professional Turf Rate Application Timing General Information
Greens, Tees & intensively managed Sports turf & fairways 5 kg/ha Monthly applications or as required to assist with wear and disease resistance Aminogro MAXI COMBI is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides.
If mixing in alkaline water, adjust to pH 6-6.5 using a suitable buffer

Aminogro MAXi COMBI is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides and suitable to mix with most horticultural sprays. A “jar” compatibility test or patch test on a small area is recommended when combining with foliar fertilisers or when high levels of calcium, potassium or phosphorus are present. A buffer like Maxi-Buff Organic can be tank mixed to improve compatibility outcomes where high pH of the spray solution may be a concern.

  • Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07% - 10 kg
  • Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07% - 25 kg

This product is suitable for environmentally sensitive areas and recommended as a supplementary plant nutrient source as part of a broader fertiliser program.

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