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RhizoVital FZB42 - 1 Litre


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RhizoVital FZB42 - 5 Litre

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RhizoVital FZB42 - 10 Litre


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RhizoVital FZB42

RhizoVital FZB42 contains a highly concentrated fermentation liquid of a specially isolated strain of beneficial soil bacteria called Bacillus velezensis Isolate FZB42. FZB42 was selected from hundreds of soil isolates for its ability to colonise around seeds and at the rhizosphere (root zone) of key horticultural crops where it supports successful seed germination and growth and development of a healthy and resilient root system.

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  • Improves seed germination and survival
  • Improves crop yields and quality
  • Assists with root colonisation and root growth stimulation
  • Highly concentrated > 25 billion spores / m2
  • Proven history of efficacy from thorough research

25 billion spores/mL Bacillus velezensis Strain FZB42

RhizoVital FZB42 works to stimulate plant growth and improve the vitality of plants, especially for use in crops, turf and seeds. It is characterised by a long shelf life, miscibility with other products and a wide range of uses such as dipping, pouring, spraying or in hydroponics. The Bacillus velezensis bacteria colonises the root system and forms a healthy microbiome around the roots making it an unfavourable environment for soil pathogens. The metabolites from FZB42 stimulate the root system helping the absorption of essential nutrients like manganese, zinc and phosphate to create stronger plants and healthier yields.

Crop Application Rate Application Method
Potato 0.5 L/ha or 0.1 L/500 kg tubers Seed Treatment
Cereals (maize, grains, rice) 0.2 L/100 kg seeds Seed Treatment
Strawberries 1 L/ha Dipping / Drenching
Lettuce 0.5 L/ha Drenching / Spraying
Tomatoes, cucumbers, others 1–2 L/ha 2 x Drenching / Spraying
Carrots, turnip cabbage 0.5 L/ha Seed Treatment + Drenching
Ornamentals 1–2 L/ha 2 x Drenching / Spraying
Bulbs 1–2 L/ha Dipping / Drenching
Seeds (ornamentals, vegetables etc.) 0.2 – 0.5 L/100 kg seeds Seed Treatment
Herbs 1 L/ha Dipping / Spraying
Turf 1 L/ha 2 x Drenching / Spraying

RhizoVital FZB42 is mixable with fungicides and other fertilisers. DO NOT mix with copper based sprays or other strong biocides.

  • RhizoVital FZB42 - 1 Litre
  • RhizoVital FZB42 - 5 Litre
  • RhizoVital FZB42 - 10 Litre

RhizoVital 42 is effective on a wide range of crops and has also demonstrated potential use on partly shaded foliage to improve overall healthy canopy growth.

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