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eco-protector - 20 Litre

$266.82 Inc. GST

eco-protector - 200 Litre

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eco-protector - 1000 Litre

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ecoprotector is a fungicidal potassium soap that was developed for the wine industry to reduce Botrytis fungicide resistance and the increasing risks around fungicide residues for exporters. eco-protector is a valuable tool for both conventional and organic wine grape growers because it can be used very close to harvest to deal with late Botrytis infections.

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  • Environmentally benign active supports soil biodiversity
  • Approved under EU & NOP regulations, ACO Registered Input
  • 14 day withholding period in wine grapes
  • IPM Compatible

Active Constituent: 194 g/L Potassium salts of fatty acids

ecoprotector should only be applied using suitable dilute ground application equipment. ecoprotector is best used in a program to control both early latent infections around flowering and infections closer to harvest. ecoprotector has also been shown to be effective when used as part of an ecosulfur and ecocarb program for powdery mildew.

Crop Disease Rate Critical Comments
Grapevines Botrytis 20 litres per ha in 500 to 1000 litres water Apply by high volume spraying to the point of run-off. Ensure thorough coverage of all parts of treated plants. Higher water rates will give better coverage and better botrytis control. Apply the first treatment at early flowering followed by a second application around late flowering. Repeat applications at other strategic growth stages eg 20% Capfall, 80% Capfall and Bunch Closing or at 21 day intervals until 14 days before harvest.

ecoprotector is compatible with copper hydroxide fungicides and sulfur. The addition of wetting or sticking agents is not recommended.

  • eco-protector - 20 Litre
  • eco-protector - 200 Litre
  • eco-protector - 1000 Litre

ecoprotector can be tank mixed with ecocarb, ecocopper and ecosulfur sprays making it a versatile organically registered fungicide.

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