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Aquasol With Trace Elements

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Aquasol With Trace Elements

Aquasol is a fast-acting, complete and easy to apply, all-purpose fertiliser containing the eleven plant nutrients which are essential for plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Suitable for use on a range of plants, Aquasol can be absorbed through both the foliage and plant root system.

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  • Fast acting for plant growth
  • Soluble making it easy to inject into fertigation units
  • Suitable for all plant types including seedlings
  • Blend of 11 soluble plant nutrients
  • Each pack makes up to 31,250L of fertigation solution @ 80g/100L
  • Can be applied to field crops, indoor plants, potted plants, garden beds, and lawns

Nitrogen (N) as Ammonium: 1.7% w/w
Nitrogen (N) as Urea: 21.3% w/w
Total Nitrogen (N): 23% w/w
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble: 3.95% w/w
Potassium (K) as sulphate: 14% w/w

Sulfur (S): 6.6% w/w
Magnesium (Mg) as sulfate: 0.15% w/w
Manganese (Mn) as sulfate: 0.13% w/w
Copper (Cu) as sulfate: 0.06% w/w
Iron (Fe) as sulfate: 0.06% w/w
Zinc (Zn) as sulfate: 0.06% w/w
Boron (B) as Sodium borate: 0.01% w/w
Molybdenum (Mo) as Sodium Molybdate: 0.001% w/w
Maximum Biuret 9.3g biuret/ kg N

Aquasol is a water soluble powder that acts as a ‘liquid feeder’ to deliver nutrients directly to where they are needed. Aquasol is mainly applied through fertigation directly to the plant roots or via overhead sprinklers to the foliage. Aquasol contains the nine key nutrients essential for plant growth, as well as two further nutrients to assist in healthy plant development especially during the flowering or fruiting stages.

Home Garden Use

Feeding Application Frequency
Indoor plants 9g in 4.5L of water to roots and foliage fortnightly
African violets, ferns, palms 4.5g in 4.5L of water fortnightly
Orchids 4.5g in 4.5L of water to roots when flower spikes appear and repeat fortnightly
Flowers & vegetables 18g in 9L of water over an area of 5m2 every fortnight
Lawns, around shrubs 36g in 9L of water over an area of 5m2 every fortnight
Seedlings 4.5g in 4.5L of water after transplanting by soaking seedlings and surrounding soil

Commercial Use

Crop Application Frequency
Foliar Application Dissolve 200g in 100L of water. Apply at a rate of 5-10kg/ha depending on the spacing of plants and the amount of foliage on each plant. The aim is to wet the foliage to the point of run-off. 1 or 2 sprays before flowering and with each spray after petal fall or at 14 day intervals afterwards for a total of 4 sprays.
Leaf crop vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc) Dissolve 100g in 100L of water for young plants or 100-200g for older plants. Apply at a rate of 5-10kg/ha depending on the amount of solution required to wet foliage to the point of run-off. At seedling stage and repeat every 10-14 days for a total of 4-5 sprays.
Soil Application
Seedlings 80g in 100L of water. Apply to the area around the root zone for each plant until the soil is saturated. Every 10-14 days during the growing season.
Mature plants 400g in 100L of water. Apply at a rate of 50-100kg/ha, depending on the size of plants and density of planting. Every 10-14 days during the growing season.
Fruit trees 400g in 100L of water. Apply at a rate of 20-200g per tree depending on the age and size of the tree. Every 10-14 days during the growing season.

Aquasol should be trialled under local growing conditions prior to use area wide. Not recommended for phosphorus sensitive plants.

  • Aquasol With Trace Elements - 25 kg
  • This product should not be used on dry soil, when temperatures are expected to exceed 30℃ or if rain is expected within 24 hours of application. If used in an irrigation system, flush the system with clean water weekly to prevent salt build up.

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