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Aquasol with trace elements

Aquasol with trace elements

Aquasol is a fast-acting, complete and soluble, all-purpose fertiliser containing nine plant nutrients which are essential for plant growth, flowering and fruiting.


Aquasol may be used on a wide variety of plants from annuals, perennials, vegetables, seedlings, shrubs, orchids, african violets, houseplants and even lawns. With a balanced N:P:K plus trace elements, Aquasol’s formulation can be absorbed both through the foliage and the plant’s root system. The Guaranteed Analysis of Aquasol is NPK 23: 4 : 14.


  • Aquasol is a balanced, fast acting, general purpose soluble fertilliser
  • Aquasol is suitable for growing all types of plants
  • Aquasol contains nine plant nutrients which are essential for growth particularly during flowering and fruiting
  • The chemical analysis of Aquasol is N23:P4:K18 plus trace elements
  • Aquasol can be absorbed both through the foliage and plant’s root system
  • Aquasol is easy to apply

How It Works

Soluble or liquid feeding is the application of nutrients dissolved in water to a growing medium around plant roots. Aquasol is a powder that is soluble in water. It is commonly applied through a fertigation system to plant roots and/or plant foliage as a foliar feed. Nutrients are absorbed both through the foliage and a plant’s root system. Aquasol can be applied to potted plants, garden beds, field grown plants and even lawns.

Directions for use

Aquasol application rates are provided in detail on the label for household and commercial use. Rates are given for both foliar and soil application. The application rate and frequency of application will vary according to plant type, plant size and maturity, application method and density of planting.


Do not apply Aquasol on hot days or if rain is expected within 24 hours. When Aquasol fertiliser is used in any irrigation system (sprinkle or trickle), the system should be flushed with clean water every week to prevent salt build up. Do not use Aquasol on phosphorus sensitive Australian native plants.

Additional Information

Technical Data:

Nitrogen (N) as Mono-Ammonium Phosphate 1.7%
Nitrogen (N) as Urea 21.3%
Total Nitrogen (N) 23.0%
Total Phosphorus (P) – water soluble as Mono-Ammonium Phosphate 3.95%
Total Potassium (K) – as sulfate 14.0%
Sulfur (S) as sulfate 6.6%
Magnesium (Mg) as sulfate 0.15%
Manganese (Mn) as Sulfate 0.13%
Copper (Cu) as Sulfate 0.06%
Iron (Fe) as Sodium Ferric EDTA 0.06%
Zinc (Zn) as Sulfate 0.04%
Boron (B) as Sodium Borate 0.01%
Molybdenum (Mo) as Sodium Molybdate 0.001%
Maximum Biuret 0.4%

Note that Aquasol contents may settle during transport


Pack size: 25kg