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eco-nemguard® is a fast acting contact nematicide containing polysulfides derived from garlic extract. Available in both liquid and granular forms for easy use, eco-nemguard® is suitable for all vegetables and turf. eco-nemguard® fills the gap in the nematicide offering because it is safe to use any time throughout the crop cycle and in areas where other nematicides might have a health and safety related restriction or concern.

Product Documentation

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  • Novel garlic extract (polysulfides) active to assist with nematicide resistance management
  • Can be applied almost anytime and almost anywhere in vegetables and turf
  • Easy to apply formula in both liquid and granules
  • Degrades naturally in soil leaving no potentially damaging residues
  • Approved as an organic input under Australian standards
  • Ideal for short term crops and as a “top-up” for longer gestation crops

Active constituent: 1280 g/L Garlic extract containing a minimum of 26 g/L total Polysulfides

eco-nemguard® works on all species of plant parasitic nematodes. These tiny parasitic worms can be either ecto-parasitic, which attach themselves to plant roots and feed externally, or endo-parasitic, which embed themselves in the root cortex and feed internally on the plant. The most effective and safe (chemical doesn’t enter the plant) way to control both species of plant parasitic nematodes is to target them during their early stages when they are “free living” in the soil which is the J1-J2 juvenile stages. Flushing the plant root zone with eco-nemguard during this highly susceptible J1-J2 stage will provide effective management of both pest species. The use of the granular form (eco-nemguard G) will also provide a slow release source of the polysulfides to manage any other emerging populations in-between the liquid eco-nemguard® applications for long gestation crops or in soils where nematode pressure is very high.

Application Instructions for Nematicide

Crop Disease Rate Critical Comments
All vegetables (in field and protected situations) Parasitic nematodes living freely in the soil. 4L/100L as a drench or 4 L/ha via irrigation The use of eco-nemguard™ nematicide has not been fully evaluated in all species or all situations where treatment may be undertaken. It is recommended to treat a sample area and assess appropriately prior to whole crop treatment. Trays and Pots: Apply no more than one application to moist soil as a drench to the propagation tray, the transplant hole, or to plants within a day of transplanting. Apply 5mL of dilute solution to each plant in trays or pots. Apply 2L of dilute solution per m2 of propagation tray or transplants. Trickle Irrigation* Apply 4 L/ha uniformly by trickle irrigation within the top 5-10 cm of soil, in a 20 – 40 cm band along the planted rows. Use rate solutions should not be less than 0.1% and not more than 0.25% when diluted with water. Maximum efficacy will be obtained if the product is introduced at the end of an irrigation cycle, thereby reducing drainage loss. Apply up to six times at about 14-day intervals. Irrigate treated areas for optimum wetness. See eco-nemguard™ manual for directions about appropriate irrigation.
*or similar systems equipped with an accurate flow metering system
Amenity turf grass Parasitic nematodes living freely in the soil. Watering can or hand sprayer: Mix 40mL/L water or 360mL in a 9L watering can
Tractor sprayer: 20L/ha
Apply as spray onto the surface of the turf. It is recommended that the product is drenched into the surface of the grass where nematode induced damage is apparent, or nematode populations in the soil are at risk thresholds. If in doubt seek expert advice prior to treatment. Watering can or hand sprayer: Apply 9L to 20 m2 of lawn and water in after application Sequential applications at between 7 and 14-day intervals may increase the level of nematode population reductions. It is recommended that no more than three applications are linked in any treatment sequence. The use of soil sampling to determine nematode populations prior to commencing use of eco-nemguard™ is recommended and will help to ensure that applications are made to coincide with nematode activity. The upper soil horizon should be moist and freely draining with percolation expected to reach 10cm in depth following eco-nemguard™ application. If soil conditions are dry, irrigate prior to application so the soil is adequately moist. Irrigate between 5-10 mm immediately after applying eco-nemguard™ depending on conditions. Irrigation may not be necessary if a similar amount of rain is imminent.

Not suitable to be tank mixed with other chemicals.

  • eco-nemguard - 10L
  • Do not allow entry into treated areas until spray has dried. If prior entry is necessary wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and chemical resistant gloves. Clothing must be laundered after each day’s use.

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