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Yates Premium Blood & Bone

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Yates Premium Blood & Bone

Yates Premium Blood & Bone is a complete, slow release fertiliser for use on a wide range of plants. It contains 90% blood and bone meal which provides a high source of organic nitrogen.

Yates Premium Blood & Bone has added potash to provide extra potassium to improve fruiting and flower growth. It also helps reduce plant stress caused by extreme weather, enhances foliage colour and increases resistance to disease.

Use Yates Premium Blood & Bone as a general fertiliser to promote healthy growth in most fruiting and flowering crops. Being organically based it will also increase microbial and earthworm activity to improve soil health and structure.

Suitable for: Fruit trees, Vegetables, Flowers, Lawns, Exotic Shrubs & Trees

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  • Complete, slow release fertiliser with reduced risk of burn
  • High in organic nitrogen for healthy leaf growth
  • Slow release phosphorus for strong root development
  • Added potash (Potassium sulfate) enhances flower and fruit development
  • Increases resistance to disease and improves drought tolerance
  • High in calcium to boost cell wall structure and strength
  • Rejuvenates tired soils by stimulating microbial and worm activity
  • Low odour formulation

7.7 : 5.0 : 1.2
Total Nitrogen (N) as blood, bone and flesh 7.7
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble 0.5
Phosphorus (P) as citrate soluble 2.7
Phosphorus (P) as citrate insoluble 1.8
Total Phosphorus (P) 5.0
Total Potassium (K) as potassium sulfate 0.8
Total Potassium (K) as blood, bone and flesh 0.4
Total Potassium (K) 1.2
Sulfur (S) as blood, bone and flesh 0.4
Sulfur (S) as sulfate 1.2
Total Sulfur (S) 1.6
Total Calcium (Ca) as bone 10.0

Yates Premium Blood & Bone provides a balanced mix of nutrients that promotes strong healthy plant growth. The organic based nutrients are released slowly with minimal leaching and reduced risk of burn.

In addition to supporting plant growth Yates Premium Blood & Bone also provides a natural source of Calcium and improves microbial and earthworm activity to help rejuvenate soils.

Application Rate

Plant type Application Rate Comments
Vegetables Apply approximately 750 kg/ha Apply as top dressing, 10–15 cms from the main stem.
Apply around the plant drip zone, water and rake in well.
If incorporating into soil profile or planting hole, mix well with existing soil.
Fruit Trees Apply approximately 750 kg/ha If applying on established fruit trees use 0.5kg per tree for each year of growth (to a maximum of 3kg).
Shrubs Apply approximately 750 kg/ha Apply to the drip zone in early spring.
Incorporate into the soil profile or mulch. Cover with a good organic mulch.
Flowers Apply approximately 750 kg/ha Apply prior to planting.
Reapply a smaller amount (about half the quantity suggested) following the formation of buds.
Lawns Apply approximately 5 kg/100m2 in spring and autumn as part of your renovation program If top dressing, rake well into the lawn and water in well.
Apply in early autumn or spring if incorporating into soil profile prior to sowing or laying turf.

Note: The above is a general guide only, application rates will vary according to local soil conditions and would therefore depend on a comprehensive soil analysis.

Measurement Guide—1 full cup is approximately 150 grams.

Yates Premium Blood & Bone can be used on potted plants if applied at the correct rates. Excessive application can cause plant damage via foliage burn in containerised situations.

Avoid direct contact with plant roots, blooms, seeds, fruit and sensitive foliage.

  • Yates Premium Blood & Bone - 25kg
  • Yates Premium Blood & Bone may be harmful to pets, especially dogs, if consumed. Avoid heaping as this may attract dogs. Cultivate into the surface and water well to help prevent dogs consuming. Store away from dogs. If dogs consume this product, contact your veterinary surgeon immediately.

    Do not feed to sheep, cattle, deer, alpacas, goats or other ruminant animals.

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