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OCP HUMIC 90 helps growers facing ongoing decline in their soil fertility, particularly in sandy soils under high irrigation regimes and where the risk of nutrient leaching is high. OCP Humic 90 is ideal for growers who don’t want to spend the time applying manure, fallow or large amounts of compost regularly to soils to develop the humic substances needed to sustain soil fertility.

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  • Improves soil fertility for better use of applied nutrients
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Improves ability of soil to exchange nutrients
  • Buffers against negative effects of soil pH and salinity
  • Improves irrigation water percolation and water retention

Active Ingredient: Humates and fulvates derived from Leonardite plus 9% Potassium

OCP HUMIC 90 contains potassium humate crystals that are best pre-mixed in warm water to gradually dissolve into the water before being added to a spray tank or for fertigation. Agricultural soil fertility relies on the continuous cycling of crop stubble, compost and added solid organic fertilisers to facilitate the release of nutrients and production of humic substances which are the “glue” that holds the soil system together and provides one of the key ingredients for sustaining soil fertility. In intensive food production systems the ability of soil microbes to create humic substances may be compromised so the use of OCP HUMIC 90 provides a highly concentrated top-up.

OCP HUMIC 90 is ideally prepared by pre-mixing in warm water (if available) and sprinkling the product across the surface, allowing it to gradually dissolve into the water while mixing. Try to avoid tipping the product into the mixing vessel rapidly as this will leave a large percentage of undissolved material in the bottom causing spray/irrigation outlet blockages. Add pre-mix immediately to the spray tank and continue agitating while applying. If pre-mix or tank mix is allowed to stand for more than a few hours, mix and/or agitate again before applying.

Situation Rate Critical Comments
Vegetables & other field crops 1-2kg/ha At the time of crop flowering, tuber set, or heart formation (4-6 weeks later) or with soil fertiliser applications.
Perennial crops 1-2kg/ha Apply via drip irrigation just after budburst or first flush or prior to liquid soil-applied fertiliser.
Turf establishment – Seeding, Sodding, Stolonizing 200g/100kg of seed Seeding: Mix 200g of product with 2L of water. Spray on the seeds and mix well. Spread seed out to dry if it appears to be wet.
2kg/ha Sodding, Stolonizing: Apply as a drench with other liquid starter fertilisers at 200g/1000m2 immediately after planting.
Turf maintenance – Boom spray or through irrigation system 1kg/ha Apply with normal spraying equipment. Jet size should be bigger than 60 meshes (0.25mm). In order for the product to reach the root zone, the treated area needs to be irrigated after the application. The product can be injected into irrigation systems using a “Dosatron” or similar fertiliser injector equipment.

OCP HUMIC 90 can be mixed with common plant protection products or fertilisers. Do not mix with Calcium based products. Always conduct a jar test before mixing with other fertilisers.

  • OCP HUMIC 90 - 10kg
  • OCP HUMIC 90 is non-phytotoxic but has the potential to stain walls and porous surfaces. Wash off after spraying.

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