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AzaMax Natures Insecticide - 1 Litre

$174.31 Inc. GST

AzaMax Natures Insecticide - 5 Litre

$724.55 Inc. GST

AzaMax Natures Insecticide

AzaMax contains a concentrated and stabilised extract from the neem tree. It is a very effective registered organic insecticide that has multi-site effects on insects. The active ingredient azadirachtin impacts insects’ hormonal systems that regulate hunger (antifeedant), growth, development (moulting) and reproduction (fecundity) which stops most pests from destroying your plants.

Product Documentation

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  • Controls pests by disrupting the hormonal system in insects that control feeding behaviour, growth & development and reproduction
  • Highly consistent and stable Azadirachtin EC formulation
  • Ideal for IPM systems in floriculture and ornamentals
  • Active and oil-based carrier produced from renewable botanical sources

ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: 11.82 g/L AZADIRACHTIN A and B present as 29.55 g/L Azadirachta indica extract

AzaMax is applied to the foliage or as a soil drench to potting soil. Once the insect pests feed on the treated plant foliage, they stop feeding, stop moulting and lose interest in mating and egg laying. AzaMax is effective at controlling pests like the two-spotted mites, whitelly, aphids and soil borne fungus gnats larvae. AzaMax only works against insects that feed on the AzaMax treated plant surfaces, so the impact on beneficial insects is minor.

Crop Pest Management

Crop Pest Rate Critical Comments
Floriculture, Ornamentals Two-spotted mites, Whitefly, Aphids 200 – 300mL / 100L water Regularly monitor plants for the presence of pests. Use 7 to 10 day spray regime when pests are present. Multiple applications (3-5) may be required. Use the higher rate under higher pest pressure. Spray volume will vary according to the crop and location. Apply in a spray volume of 250 to 500 L/ha, using a hand-held wand or knapsack spray. Addition of a botanical oil concentrate adjuvant like eco-oil is recommended.
Potting soil (for floriculture and ornamentals only) Fungus gnats 30 mL / 10L water Apply as a soil drench approximately 1L mixture per 8L potting soil.

It is recommended that a small jar test be conducted when using more than one chemical or fertiliser in a spray vessel. Testing on a small area of foliage before treating the entire area is also recommended.

  • AzaMax Natures Insecticide - 1 Litre
  • AzaMax Natures Insecticide - 5 Litre

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