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Synertrol Horti Oil - 5 Litre

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Synertrol Horti Oil - 20 Litre

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Synertrol Horti Oil - 200 Litre

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Synertrol Horti Oil - 1000 Litre


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Synertrol Horti Oil

Synertrol Horti is a botanical oil based product that improves the wetting, spreading, sticking, drift control and biological activity of most horticultural sprays. It is suitable to be added to most foliar agrochemical, horticultural, pesticides and fertiliser sprays. Synertrol is made from 100% Australian grown canola oil and is a Registered Organic Adjuvant for use with other Registered Organic crop protection and nutritional products.

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  • Increases wetting and penetration of foliar pesticides and fertilisers
  • Improves rainfastness and spray run-off
  • Supports more uniform spray droplets which reduces risk of drift
  • Minimises evaporation and UV degradation
  • Improves spray uptake and overall off-target contamination

Active Constituent: 850 g/L Emulsifiable Botanical Oil

Synertrol Horti maximises the performance of horticultural and agrochemical sprays by increasing droplet deposition, droplet spread and uptake into the target. Synertrol Horti Oil puts a protective layer of vegetable oil over the spray droplet.

This ensures valuable spray droplets will survive the flight to the target, and once contact is made, will not quickly evaporate. The emulsified oil in Synertrol Horti also helps water form into uniformly sized spray droplets as they exit spray nozzles, making the spray droplets more dense in-flight and less likely to drift off target or evaporate before hitting the target.

Sprayer Dose Rates Comment
Boom Spray 250mL – 500/ha Use the lower rate when using low dose rate chemicals.
Hand gun (spot spraying) 250mL/100L
Orchard Plantation Vineyard Treecrops 250mL/100L or
Maintain agitation during application.
CDA 1-2L/ha
Knapsack 30-50-mL/10L Shake knapsack if it has been allowed to stand for any length of time.
Aerial or ULV 1-2L/ha
Misting Machine 1-2L/ha

Synertrol Horti is compatible with most commonly used agricultural and horticultural products. Always check the label of the product to be mixed with Synertrol Horti.

  • Synertrol Horti Oil - 5 Litre
  • Synertrol Horti Oil - 20 Litre
  • Synertrol Horti Oil - 200 Litre
  • Synertrol Horti Oil - 1000 Litre

Synertrol Horti increases the efficacy of other products. Always pre-test new applications of mixtures of foliar sprays and Synertrol Horti to avoid excessive uptake of pesticide material.

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