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Yates Meister


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Yates Meister

Yates Meister is a range of controlled release fertilisers containing high quality urea based nitrogen with an advanced prill coating to provide superior control of nutrient release.
The Yates Meister range matches nutrient release with plant growth and growing conditions. During warmer periods nutrient release increases to support accelerated plant growth. In winter when temperatures fall, and the slower plant growth results in a decreased nutrient demand, the prill release rate also slows down. This facilitates a more cost-effective nutritional programme and also minimises nutrient loss through leaching.

The range includes:

Yates Meister-10 – 70 days at 25°C

Yates Meister-15 – 100 days at 25°C

Yates Meister-20 – 140 days at 25°C

  • Staged release of nutrient that is consistent with plant needs
  • Contains high quality, slow release, N
  • Same high quality coating and reliability as Nutricote for superior control of nutrient release
  • Soil type, moisture and pH have little impact on release rates
  • Durable, robust coating for increased safety
  • Every prill is homogeneous to ensure consistent analysis
  • Offers reduced leaching to ensure optimal fertiliser levels are maintained
  • Low environmental impact compared to uncoated nitrogen
  • Consistent prill size (2.4-4mm) for easier and more precise mechanical application


The Yates Meister range consists of small prills which contain nitrogen. Advanced coating technology is applied to each prill that then controls the rate at which nutrients are released to match the physiological growth stages of the plant. It enables growers to produce the highest quality plants with minimized nutrient stress, dumping or root and foliage burn.

Once prills have been applied to the potting mix or soil, moisture starts to penetrate into the polymer coating. This causes the nutrients inside to dissolve and creates osmotic pressure within each prill. It’s this pressure that drives the gradual and controlled release of the nutrients. The rate of release is even and determined by soil temperature. Increased soil temperatures will result in increased nutrient release as plant growth and nutrient needs increase.

  • Good fit to many kinds of agricultural products, such as rice, wheat, maize, vegetables, flowers, fruits, and tea.
  • Good fit to long period growing agricultural products, which need many additional applications by conventional fertilizers and for mulch film cultivation which is not fit for the additional fertilization.
  • Good fit for sandy field cultivation, where ordinary fertilizers are easily washed out to underground water by irrigation and rain.
  • Good fit for the one-time basal application.
  • Yates Meister -
  • The release rate of Yates Meister range is based on an average day/night soil temperature of 25°C. The release rate at other temperatures is entirely predictable.

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