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eco-nemguard G

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eco-nemguard G

eco-nemguard G is a granular nematicide for the suppression of plant parasitic nematodes that damage the roots systems of vegetable crops and turf. Plant parasitic nematodes feed on plant roots depriving them of essential nutrients and are a major cause of root pathogen infections. Nematodes are a hidden but highly damaging pest of commercial crops, ornamentals and turf.

Product Documentation

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  • Novel garlic extract (Polysulfides) to combat nematodes
  • New mode of action to assist with nematicide resistance management
  • Diallyl Polysulfides molecules kill nematodes on contact
  • Degrades naturally in soil with minimal impact on other soil biology
  • Easy to apply extended release granule formula

Active constituent: 450 g/kg Garlic extract containing a minimum of 9 g/kg total Polysulfides

eco-nemguard G works by slowly releasing naturally occurring polysulfides into the root zone. The polysulfide compounds come into contact with newly hatched juvenile J1-J2 stages of the nematodes, killing them on contact. The mobility of the polysulfides in the root zone relies on soil moisture so it is important that the soil remains moist for effective nematode control. “Top-up” applications of eco-nemguard liquid is recommended for soils with high populations of parasitic nematodes and long gestation crops like potatoes and carrots. Refer to label and Technical Manual for further advice.

Application Instructions for Eco-Nemguard G

Crop Disease Rate (kg/ha) Critical Comments
All vegetables (in field and protected situations) Parasitic nematodes living freely in the soil. 20 The use of eco-nemguard G has not been fully evaluated in all species or all situations where treatment may be undertaken. It is recommended to treat a sample area and assess appropriately prior to whole crop treatment.

Apply one application in the furrow as near to the seed as possible at the same time as drilling through an appropriate calibrated granular application machine.

If conditions are dry at application, 20mm of irrigation should be applied as soon as possible after application. If dry conditions persist, additional regular irrigation should be applied (see general instructions).

Amenity turf grass Parasitic nematodes living freely in the soil. 240 (single application or two 120 kg/ha applications) The benefits of using eco-nemguard G can be variable and useful reductions in nematode populations cannot be relied on.

Application rate and frequency:

Depending on nematode populations in the root zone, apply eco-nemguard G at 12g/m2 to the surface of recently seeded and establishing grass, or one application of 12g/m2 applied to the surface of the root zone when seeds are placed.

A second application of 12g/m2 may be applied 4-6 weeks after the first to further reduce nematode populations.

Where nematode populations are high and at damaging thresholds or when applications are being made to mature grass, a single application of 24g/m2 can be applied.

A patch test is recommended before using eco-nemguard G on any vegetable crops. Do not use on soil with a high silt content.

  • eco-nemguard G - 20kg
  • Do not allow granules to stand overnight in the application hopper and do not allow them to become wet before or during application.

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