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eco-hydrate is a plant based, biodegradable product that is designed to increase the water use efficiency of potted plants, turf, vegetables and established trees and shrubs. A blend of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, fulvic acid, amino acids and Hydretain® (soil humectant & wetting agent) work together to improve root development, heat stress tolerance, more uniform and deeper wetting of soils and growing media and access to soil/media water vapour which can be lost to evaporation. Ideal for horticulturalists to rescue and rejuvenate moisture stressed plants.

Product Documentation

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  • Increases plant water use efficiency
  • Reduces plant moisture stress
  • Improves water penetration and moisture retention
  • Each 20L pack covers 4000m²

Active Ingredients: 270g/L Organic Humectants, 110g/L Organic Soil Surfactants

eco-hydrate is both a water-saving product and water-capturing product. Once diluted with water and added directly to the soil, it absorbs and stores water as microscopic droplets on roots and soil particles. Irrigation, dew, humidity and rain are all condensed and stored by eco-hydrate which gives plants an extra daily drink. The highly effective soil wetting agent in eco-hydrate treats hard to wet or hydrophobic soils and growing media; reducing run-off, improving water penetration and creating a uniform spread of moisture throughout the soil or media.

Application Instructions

Situation Rate Directions for Use
Turf/Lawns 20L/ha Apply with fish mouth drench or boom spray and irrigate with 5mm water.
Garden Beds 2L/100L Apply evenly to moist soil as a drench.
Vegetable Seedlings 10mL/L Apply evenly across 1m2 of trays.
Transplanting 10mL/L Use as a drench after planting @ 1L/5L of planting hole.
Pot Plants, Hanging Baskets, Containers 2L/100L Apply to moist pots/containers as a drench.

Re-apply monthly during hot weather if required. Safe for natives.

NOTE: Rinse off any residual product from plant foliage as eco-hydrate® only works within the soil.

eco-hydrate is compatible with most soil applied fertilisers and pesticides. Always conduct a small jar test when mixing with more than one spray. If applying to foliage, test on a small area before treating entire area.

  • eco-hydrate - 20L
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