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SARSil - 10 Litre

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SARSil - 1000 Litre


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SARSil contains high concentrations of both potassium and silicon, which are both essential nutrients in some plants. Silicon can be a yield-limiting nutrient in plant species like rice, cereal, sugarcane, legumes, turf, and some vegetables and leafy ornamentals. The silicon in SARSil combined with potassium has also been demonstrated to benefit plants at risk of disease, increased wilting, sunburn, and postharvest breakdown.

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  • Increases leaf chlorophyll content
  • Enhances plant antioxidant levels
  • Mitigates nutrient imbalances and toxicity in plants
  • Reinforces canopy architecture for improved photosynthesis efficiency
  • Toughens plant cell walls and reduces moisture loss

Silicon min. 23.8% w/v
Potassium min. 27.8% w/v

SARSil benefits high silicon demanding crops and plants such as those grown in pots, hydroponics and inert growing media lacking sufficient natural silica. Optimum silicon nutrition in plants has been shown to assist with reduced incidence and severity of pathogens like powdery mildew and insect attack due to natural “hardening” of the plant. Elevated silicon can also contribute to better shelf life and appearance through the development of thicker cell walls.

DO NOT apply foliar sprays to open blooms of Geranium, Marigold, Pansies or Petunias.

DO NOT apply sprays less than 7 days apart for more than 8L/ha/spray.

DO NOT apply more than 40L/ha/season.

Situation Rate Comments
Annuals: Vegetables, Cut flowers, Nursery, Strawberries, Sugarcane, Wheat 1-2 L/ha or 200 mL/100L Foliar: Apply in a minimum of 600 L water. Apply every 10-15 days from the first visible leaf onwards. For best results apply first sprays before leaf hardening of crop. Apply to sugarcane during the lead-up to the dryer months. For best results always apply with Acadian seaweed extract or Stimplex Liquid seaweed concentrate.
Perennials: Tree crops, Vines, Banans, Turf 1-2 L/ha or 200 mL/100 L Foliar: Apply in a minimum of 600 L water. Apply during leaf flush and after fruit set and every 10-14 days during disease events. For best results always apply with Ecocarb for Powdery mildew control and Acadian seaweed extract or Stimplex Liquid seaweed concentrate for management of other soil and leaf borne diseases.
Hydroponics & Drip or Nutrient solution 200 mL/1000 L 6-8 times per crop cycle. Maximum of 8 L/ha.

SARSil is highly alkaline so pH adjustments with a water conditioner like Maxi-buff Organic may be appropriate for products that react negatively in a high pH spray solution.

  • SARSil - 10 Litre
  • SARSil - 1000 Litre

SARSil can also be used to reduce the scale in irrigation lines as a result of bore water high in iron and dissolved salts.

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