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Trich-a-soil contains an Australian strain of the beneficial soil fungi called Trichoderma viride. Trich-a-soil is used to colonise the roots of turf and other plants to help create a healthier growing environment for their roots. Trich-a-soil is also highly concentrated and contains 50 billion trichoderma spores per gram.

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  • Australian sourced strain of beneficial soil fungi (Trichoderma viride)
  • Readily colonises plant roots for improved plant health
  • Highly concentrated with 50 billion viable spores per gram
  • Australian production ensures freshness and spore viability

50 billion viable spores/g Trichoderma viride

Trich-a-soil is applied to soil or growing media where it will colonise the root zone to create a healthy growing environment for turf and other plants. It contains trichoderma which are beneficial saprophytic fungi that feed on sugars excreted by plant roots as well as dead plant material. Established colonies can help create a growing environment less favourable to soil borne pathogens.

Situation Rate Timing Critical Comments
Professional Turf 1st application 200g/ha then 100g/ha monthly Apply monthly August – April or while disease persists Apply with fish mouth or boom sprayer early morning or late afternoon and drench-in immediately with enough water to move the product into the thatch layer. Apply with Acadian SSE @ 1 kg/ha or 5L/ha liquid Acadian + Aminogro @ 20L/ha. Use with Hydretain @ 5L/ha or any other microbe-safe soil wetting agent. Use KELP MEAL at renovation as a food source.
Polyhouse Glasshouse 50g/5,000m2 or 50g/10,000L At planting and 2 apps 14 days apart Run-To-Waste: Mix with Acadian SSE @ 300gm/5,000m2 and Aminogro @ 1L/5,000m2. Inject at the end of a watering cycle and flush through. NFT Hydroponic systems: Apply with Acadian SSE @ 1kg/10,000L or 5L liquid Acadian every two weeks if disease is a problem, otherwise at establishment and again 2 weeks later.
Nursery Irrigation 10g/1000m2 Every month Mix up enough product in a 20L bucket with Aminogro @ 100ml/100m2 + Acadian SSE @ 5gm/100m2 or 100ml/100m2 liquid Acadian, filter and inject into irrigation line so that all plants receive a dose.
Seedlings 10g/1000m2 Treat seed before planting & at emergence & 1 week before transplanting Apply to seedling trays through irrigation making sure to drench the trays. Apply with Aminogro and Acadian SSE as per nursery. For better root development apply with Acadian SSE 100g/1000m2 or liquid Acadian 300ml/1000m2
Field Crops 50g/ha At planting Apply to in-furrow or through Trickle tape at planting, and two follow-up applications 14 days apart if disease pressure is high. Apply with Acadian SSE 500g/ha 3-5L liquid Acadian and 10L/ha Aminogro

Trich-a-soil contains a living fungus that is sensitive to a number of fungicides including benomyl, imazalil, propiconazole, tebuconazole and triflumizole. Read the front panel of fungicide labels to determine if the active ingredients are compatible. A full list of compatible fungicides is available from OCP if required.

When an incompatible fungicide has to be used, Trich-a-soil can be reapplied 10-14 days later.

  • Trich-A-Soil - 100g
  • For optimum results, the soil must remain moist and not too acidic or alkaline.

    Unused Trich-a-soil should be sealed and kept refrigerated.

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