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OCP FULVIC 9 is a liquid formulation of fulvic acid to help increase nutrient uptake in plants. If you are facing crops with irregular and non-uniform yields, crop stress from frost, reduced flavour, increased post harvest breakdown or generally unhealthy plant growth then OCP FULVIC 9 may be beneficial.

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  • Popular tank nutrient “complexer” with soluble fertilisers and other foliar applied products
  • Helps to improve crop uniformity by reducing stresses brought about by harsh environmental conditions.
  • Helps to improve crop flavour and other quality indicators
  • Helps with improving post harvest quality
  • 100% soluble

Active ingredient: 9% Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid is the most bio-active and soluble humic substance due to its very small molecular size compared with humic acids. OCP FULVIC 9 dissolves easily in water and is best applied to plant foliage where it is readily absorbed and interacts with plant metabolic processes. OCP FULVIC 9 can also be used as a nutrient “shuttle” or chelator to improve the uptake of foliar fertilisers that are generally unable to penetrate through leaf tissue and/or generally less mobile in the plant.

The liquid is more convenient to use. Can be easily mixed with other liquid foliar nutrients to act as a highly effective organic chelator. Other dilutions like 6% or 3% can be made on request.

  • Organic vegetable bed prep in sandy soils: 5L/ha with other foliar fertilisers or 1% of tank solution. Avoid applying close to harvest as some minor staining may occur.
  • Trees/Vines/Bananas: 5L/ha with other foliar fertilisers or 1% of tank solution. Avoid applying close to harvest as some minor staining may occur.
  • Turf establishment: 1L/100m2 during sodding, stolonizing with other liquid starter fertiliser application.
  • Turf maintenance: 5L/ha with other liquid fertilisers.

OCP FULVIC 9 can be mixed with common plant protection products or fertilisers and should always be added at the end into the already prepared plant protection or fertiliser tank mix. Always conduct a jar compatibility test before mixing with other fertilisers and test a small treatment area before applying more widely.

OCP FULVIC 9 is not compatible with copper based products.

  • OCP FULVIC 9 - 20L
  • OCP FULVIC 9 is non-phytotoxic but avoid applying close to harvest as some minor crop staining may occur. It also has the potential to stain walls and porous surfaces so wash off after spraying.

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