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STIM-PHOS - 1000 Litre


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STIM-PHOS - 200 Litre


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STIM-PHOS - 20 Litre

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Stim-phos combines the unique benefits of phosphonates with high quality Chitosan and Ascophyllum seaweed extract to boost overall plant health and strength. Stim-phos works best as part of a soil biology enhancement program that supports a robust disease suppressive soil microbiome.

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  • Improves overall plant health
  • Features OrganoPLEXed phosphonate technology
  • Improves stress and diseases tolerance
  • Boosts root development
  • Highly soluble and optimum pH range to ensure stability

N: 0.1% P: 10% K: 18%
Iron: 28 ppm,
Zinc: 4 ppm,
Phosphorus and potassium present as mono and di-potassium phosphite.

Stim-phos has a unique formulation of phosphonates, potassium and seaweed extract that work together to form a highly mobile complex of compounds that are translocated throughout the plant unimpeded to strengthen the plant from top to bottom against environmental stresses. Plant uptake of the phosphite in Stim-phos is consistently higher than other forms of phosphonates.

Apply Stim-phos as part of a plant health program with RhizoVital and the OCP Trichoderma range. Stim-phos is best applied as part of a preventative program that “primes” the plant prior to stress events.

Situation Rate Critical Comments
Ornamentals 5mL/L 4 – 6 weekly intervals. DO NOT apply when ornamental plants are dormant or stressed due to cold or hot weather. To avoid phytotoxicity it is recommended to test on sensitive plants of each species prior to the main application.
Vegetables & other field crops 4.5L/ha (min 800L of spray) Use weekly spray intervals during humid weather and after prolonged periods of wet weather.
Pineapples 6L/ha Apply to tops two weeks prior to harvest of planting material.
Perennial crops: Grapes Avocados Foliar 3-6L/ha 5-6L/ha Use lower rate early season and higher rate mid to late season. Apply every 5-6 weeks in maximum 2000L/ha of spray and spray trees to run-off. For more precision applications speak with your local rep.
Turf establishment Seeding, Sodding, Stolonizing 800mL/1000m2 Seedling Mix: Apply in a min 1000L/ha and irrigate with 1-2mm of water.
Sodding, Stolonizing: Apply in a min 1000L/ha.
Turf maintenance Boom spay or through irrigation system 10L/ha Apply monthly from early spring through to autumn with normal spraying equipment to the point of run-off. Use 3-4 weekly sprays immediately after prolonged periods of wet weather. The product can be injected into irrigation systems using a “Dosatron” or similar fertiliser injector equipment.

Stim-phos may be incompatible with fertilisers containing calcium, copper and magnesium, so a jar test is recommended before mixing with other nutrients. Do not mix with fixed copper or copper based fungicides that have a pH below 6.

  • STIM-PHOS - 1000 Litre
  • STIM-PHOS - 200 Litre
  • STIM-PHOS - 20 Litre

Stim-phos has the potential to burn sensitive plant species. Always conduct a small scale trial on mixed plant species applications particularly ferns and some flowering species.

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