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Organic Fertilisers


Organic fertilisers are a valuable source of slow-release plant nutrients but they also play a vital role of feeding the soil biota which is essential to maintaining a healthy fertile soil. Organic fertilisers also provide a valuable source of humic substances which improve soil structure and increase the soil’s ability to capture and hold nutrients and moisture. Through OCP’s association with Yates, we supply the entire Dynamic Lifter and Agriboost range. Some are ACO registered while others are organic-based and fortified with extra NPK to provide higher levels of plant nutrition for crops that require extra NPK.

Acadian 100% Soluble Seaweed Extract

Highly concentrated, pure, organic, 100% soluble seaweed extract.



Amino acid-based complete plant and soil food.

Aminogro MAXi Boron 8%

Amino acid chelate and complexed boron trace element for better fruit set.

Aminogro MAXi Calcium 12%

Amino acid chelate and complexed calcium to combat calcium deficiency.

Aminogro MAXi COMBI Fe 5% Mn 2% Zn 4% Cu 1% B 0.6% Mo 0.07%

Amino acid chelate and complexed trace elements to combat critical trace element deficiencies.

Aminogro MAXi Copper 12%

Treat copper deficiency with 12% organic copper.

Aminogro MAXi Iron 12%

Organic 12% iron to boost chlorophyll production.

Aminogro MAXi Magnesium 8%

Organic magnesium 8% to stimulate crop performance.

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