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SPLAT CL is a pheromone-based attractant for male Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni). It has been formulated into a polymer matrix (a waxy paste) that allows for the sustained controlled release of the cue-lure pheromone. A toxicant can be mixed into the matrix and then applied to traps and non-crop resting surfaces.

SPLAT CL in an ISCA Ball Trap, or similar trap, to monitor for Queensland fruit flies (QFF). Alternatively mix with a toxicant and apply to non-crop QFF resting sites in conjunction with the ANAMED female Queensland fruit fly protein baiting program.

Target Crop

QFF is a polyphagous pest known to attack a very broad range of fruit and vegetable crops. The SPLAT CL lure is designed for use where QFF may be present.

Product Documentation

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  • Can be applied cost effectively as multiple point sources across large areas for maximum interception of QFF population
  • When used in a trap, effectively monitors the presence of QFF in a crop
  • When combined with a toxicant, SPLAT CL attracts and kills male QFF
  • Helps reduce human and environmental exposure to pesticides
  • Reduces the possibility of pesticide resistance by limiting their excessive use

200g/kg Cue-lure parapheromone + matrix of plant oils, waxes and emulsifiers

SPLAT CL contains a sex pheromone which specifically attracts male QFF. The polymer matrix allows for the sustained controlled release of this pheromone over 4-8 weeks.

Monitoring purposes:

Place approximately 10g of SPLAT CL in the top receptacle of the ISCA Ball Trap and fill the base with water. Torula Yeast Pellets can also be added into the water if you wish to attract female QFF. Screw the clear top on and hang the trap. Traps should be placed on the edge of crops and at least one in the crop centre. Position traps at canopy height, sheltered inside the tree, or in a shaded location wherever the pest usually resides.

Check the trap regularly (every few days) for the presence of fruit flies and top up water levels when they fall to halfway. Replace the SPLAT CL every 4-8 weeks and refresh the water. If using Torula Yeast Pellets these need to be replaced at the same time.

Mass baiting program:

Thoroughly mix an approved toxicant into SPLAT CL and then apply 3g dollops to foliage, branches and/or stakes. Reapply every 4-8 weeks. Use in conjunction with ANAMED female Queensland fruit fly protein baiting program.

Application Rate

For monitoring purposes use at least 2 traps/ha. For mass trapping use 50-100 traps/ha.

For mass baiting apply 300g/ha (100 dollops) with toxicant, evenly throughout the crop, in conjunction with applications of ANAMED female Queensland fruit fly attractant.

For best results consult a qualified pest control advisor, or your distributor, for specific instructions regarding the application rate and timing of SPLAT CL as this will vary depending on pest population, crop, and field conditions.

Suitable for use in any crop vulnerable to Queensland fruit flies.

  • SPLAT CL - 3kg
  • Store unused SPLAT CL sealed in the original container. For short term storage (less than 2 months) store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate for longer term storage. Avoid freezing.

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