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eco-flo lime - 800 Litre


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eco-flo lime - 15 Litre

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eco-flo lime

eco-flo lime rapidly corrects soil acidity caused by fertilisers and existing soil chemistry. The extremely concentrated liquid suspension of lime increases soil pH and boosts calcium levels for stronger, healthier plants.

Product Documentation

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  • Rapidly corrects acid soils caused by existing soil chemistry and artificial fertilisers and reduces Al3+ toxicity in sub-soils
  • Strengthens plant growth and fruit production by adding calcium
  • Extremely concentrated – 1 L of eco-flo lime weighs 1.65 kg
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle size
  • eco-flo lime is ACO Registered Organic

Active Ingredients: 40% w/v Calcium, 12.5% w/v Carbon

eco-flo lime contains super fine particles of lime that react in soil solution much faster than traditional powdered lime. It works on soil acidity by displacing acidifying hydrogen ions from soil particles with calcium cations. The resulting boost in calcium, a crucial macronutrient, plays an important role in healthy plant growth and crop yields.

Soil pH and Fertilizer Application

Use Soil pH Range Sand/Loam L/ha Clay L/ha How to Apply
Very acidic soil 4.5-5.5 75-100 100-125 Apply with a minimum dilution of 1 part to 5 parts water. For boom spray, use a minimum nozzle size of 06-08 or flood jet nozzles. For uniform application, maintain agitation throughout the application.
Acidic soil 5.5-6.5 50-75 75-100
Maintenance 6.5-7.5 25-50 50-75
Low Ca in soil 5-10 10-15 Apply monthly

Do not mix with other Agchem products that are sensitive to pH levels. A jar test is recommended to test for compatibility.

  • eco-flo lime - 800 Litre
  • eco-flo lime - 15 Litre

eco-flo lime should be applied if correcting soil pH is the major aim and if calcium supply is secondary and magnesium levels are adequate.

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