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Yates Uplift Seaweed Liquid Concentrate

$4100 Inc. GST

Yates Uplift Seaweed Liquid Concentrate

Yates Uplift Seaweed Liquid Concentrate is produced from Australian-sourced seaweed. It is a complete plant health tonic that contains essential micronutrients and growth stimulants found in seaweed, to target improved root development, buffer plants against environmental stress and assists crops to meet their commercial yield potential. Suitable for all plants and crops.

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  • Improves plant stress resistance to drought, heat, frost, pests and diseases
  • Contains natural plant growth stimulants such as auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins
  • Gentle, cold-composting process for maximum extraction
  • Sustainably harvested Australian seaweed

Yates Uplift Seaweed assists with the foliar uptake of nutrients by the natural chelating effect of complex sugars and alginates, making it the ideal companion mix especially for foliar feeding applications. The naturally occurring betaines also present in Yates Uplift Seaweed have also been shown to improve plant health through complex plant enzyme based pathways. Yates Uplift Seaweed also helps to improve soil organic matter content and provides a full range of trace elements and minerals that boost root development which helps plants to better access soil moisture and nutrients.

General recommendation: Apply every 2-4 weeks in the growing season

Situation Rates (L/ha)
Vegetables & turf 2-5
Orchards 3-6
Grapes 3-5
Cereal & broadacre 2-5
Pasture 3-5

Apply at a higher rate just after fruit set or grazing/cutting.

Yates Uplift Seaweed should not be mixed with herbicides. Perform a jar compatibility test before making a spray tank mix with other agro-chemicals.

  • Yates Uplift Seaweed Liquid Concentrate - 1000 Litre
  • Yates Uplift Seaweed should not be applied to foliage in the heat of day or if shade temperatures exceed 30 °C.

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