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Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2


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Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2

Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2 contains beneficial soil fungi isolates (Trichoderma hamatum TdAVC1 & TdAVA2) that were specially selected for their ability to colonise the roots of avocado trees. When these two isolates establish themselves in the rhizosphere they promote the growth of large,healthy root systems which assists with overall tree vigour and stability.

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  • Australian sourced strain of beneficial soil fungi (Trichoderma hamatumM/em> TdAVC1 & TdAVA2)
  • Readily colonises plant roots of avocados for improved root and plant health
  • Australian production ensures freshness and spore viability

Contains 50 billion spores/g Trichoderma hamatum AVC1 & AVA2

Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2 is applied to the soil or growing media where it will colonise the root zone to create a healthy growing environment for avocados trees. It contains Trichoderma which are beneficial saprophytic fungi that feed on sugars excreted by plant roots as well as dead plant material. Established colonies can help create a growing environment less favourable to soil borne pathogens.

Apply at 100g / ha

Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2 contains a living fungus that is sensitive to a number of fungicides including benomyl, imazalil, propiconazole, tebuconazole and triflumizole. Read the front panel of fungicide labels to determine if the active ingredients are compatible. A full list of compatible fungicides is available from OCP if required.

When an incompatible fungicide has to be used, Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2 can be reapplied 10-14 days later.

  • Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2 - 100g
  • For optimum results, the soil must remain moist and not too acidic or alkaline.The use of broad spectrum fungicides and copper sprays that run-off into the soil will impact on populations of beneficial fungi including Trichoderma.

    Unused Metcalf TdAVC1 & TdAVA2 should be sealed and kept refrigerated.

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