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Rhizo-Versity contains a highly concentrated blend of beneficial soil microbes (Bacillius velezensis FZB42, Trichoderma koningii and T. hamatum). These specially selected strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi colonise the soil and roots of turf, vegetables and other crops where they support a healthy growing environment. Rhizo-Versity helps increase turf establishment, boosts plant vitality and stress resilience. It also assists with soil nutrient availability and uptake.

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  • Helps create a healthy soil environment
  • Improves turf establishment
  • Boosts plant vitality and stress resilience
  • Makes the rhizosphere unfavourable for pathogens
  • Highly concentrated
  • 2 year shelf life without refrigeration
  • Proven history of efficacy from thorough research

> 2 x 109 cfu/g* Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42
> 1 x 109 cfu/g* Trichoderma koningii
> 1 x 109 cfu/g* Trichoderma hamatum
> 990g/kg Amino acid powder (NPK 13:0:0)

Rhizo-Versity is applied to the soil or growing media where the microbes colonise the root zone to create a healthy growing environment for turf, vegetables and other plants. The microbes stimulate the root system helping plants to absorb essential nutrients which in turn creates stronger plants and healthier yields. They also help create a healthy microbiome around the roots making it a less favourable environment for soil pathogens.

Situation Rate Critical comments
Transplant dip/drench 1g/L Apply to traps at time of seedling, striking and before transplanting
Vegetables & other field crops 1kg/ha Apply to water wheel, drip irrigation or overhead irrigation. Reapply at time of crop flowering, tuber set or heart formation (4-6 wks later)
Protected cropping 200g/1000m2 Inject into irrigation towards the end of the irrigation cycle. Apply at time of planting and at fruit set or heart formation (4-6 weeks later)
Perennial crops 1kg/ha Apply via drip irrigation just prior to budburst or first flush to protect new season roots
Turf establishment Seeding Sodding, Stolonizing 1kg/ha Apply as a drench at 200g/1000m2 immediately after planting. Apply with normal spraying equipment. Jet size should be bigger than 60 mesh (0.25mm). In order for the product to reach the root zone, the treated area needs to be irrigated after the application. The product can be injected into irrigation systems using a “Dosatron” or similar fertiliser injector equipment

Rhizo-Versity can be mixed with common plant protection products or fertilisers, EXCEPT those containing copper or bactericide properties, strong salts, acidic or caustic solutions and broad spectrum fungicides like triazoles and strobilurins.

Always add Rhizo-Versity at the end into the already prepared plant protection or fertiliser tank mix.

  • RhizoVersity - 1 kg
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