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Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter - 1T Bulk bag


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Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter - 25 kg

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Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter

Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter is a granulated formulation of composted chicken manure and mineral fertilisers developed for use in turf. The granules make uniform spreading on turf easier and more efficient. It is a fast-acting formulation that provides the benefits of an organic amendment plus rapid nutrient availability for fast grow- in or renovation grow-back.

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  • Unique balanced blend of composted chicken manure and mineral fertilisers
  • Slow and fast release of nitrogen for rapid & sustained growth
  • Retains moisture and nutrients in soil
  • Fast-acting phosphorus and potassium
  • Well balanced level of secondary nutrients like Ca, Mg and Fe

NPK 10 – 4 – 6

Typical Analysis*
Nitrogen as organic 1.6 % w/w
Nitrogen as ammonium 8.4 % w/w
Total Nitrogen (N) 10.0 % w/w
Phosphorus as water soluble 3.0 % w/w
Total Phosphorus (P) 4.0 % w/w
Total Potassium as organic 0.9 % w/w
Total Potassium as chloride 5.1 % w/w
Total Potassium (K) 6.0 % w/w
Sulfur (S) 7.0 % w/w
Calcium (Ca) 2.5 % w/w
Magnesium (Mg) 0.2 % w/w
Iron (Fe) 0.1 % w/w

*As this product is made from natural ingredients, some variation can occur between batches.

This Product Contains:
Less than 1 mg/kg of Calcium
Less than 0.2 mg/kg of Mercury
Less than 20 mg/kg of Lead

Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter is an organic compound fertiliser with each granule containing the same amount of nutrients. It provides multipurpose application for turf growers at all stages including establishment, maintenance and coring. Added zeolite improves soil structure and cation exchange capacity, leading to greater nutrient retention and water holding capacity.

Commercial Application Rates

These application rates should be used as a guide only, application rates will vary according to local soil conditions and would therefore depend on a comprehensive soil analysis.

Situation Rates
For parks, ovals, fairways and turf 400–500kg / ha
Golf and bowling greens at renovation time 10–20kg per 100m2 at establishment
For renovating and coring (15mm hole x 100mm deep) 20–40kg per 100m2

Home Garden Application Rates

As a guide, one adult handful holds about 70g. One cupful holds about 100g.

Situation Rates
Lawns Spread 50g evenly per square metre.

Note: The application rates above should be used as a guide only.

Care should be taken using this product to note the salt tolerance of the grass species it is applied to. Tolerance varies considerably depending on the varieties and ages of plants.

  • Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter - 1T Bulk bag
  • Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter - 25 kg

Yates AgriBoost Turf Lifter application rates should be used as a guide only. Application rates will vary according to turf variety and soil conditions and it is always advisable to conduct regular soil tests (every 2 years minimum) to determine the nutrient status of your soil profile. Adjustments to soil chemistry like pH can be made by choosing from one of the eco-flo range of products.

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