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eco-shield Organic Snail & Slug Killer


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eco-shield Organic Snail & Slug Killer

eco-shield is an effective, Registered Organic molluscicide containing iron powder formulation which is highly palatable to snails, slugs and slaters. Unlike methiocarb and metaldehyde snail baits, which are toxic to a wide range of animals, eco-shield does not contain scheduled poisons. This makes eco-shield more suitable for use in public spaces and other areas where the risk of bait consumption by non-target animals is higher.

Product Documentation

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  • Controls snails, slugs and slaters
  • Does not contain methiocarb or metaldehyde
  • Effective under all weather conditions
  • Registered organic
  • Low dose rates
  • Manufactured in Australia

Active Constituent: 10 g/kg Iron powder

eco-shield® is a bait so slugs, snails and slaters need to come into contact with it and consume it. It is important that coverage is uniform within the crop for contact to take place and the bait remains intact long enough in the field for effective control. eco-shield® pellets are formulated to be both very attractive to snails, slugs and slaters but also rainfast enough to last for extended wet weather periods. When iron powder is consumed the pests quickly leave the area to die so you will not see carcasses on the ground. For maximum effectiveness, eco-shield is best applied during autumn.

Crop Pest Rate Critical Comments
Cereals, Pulse & Canola Grey Field Slugs, Common Brown Snail, Small Brown Snail, White Snails (Helicoid & Conical), Slaters (Woodlice) 5 – 16 kg/ha For most infestations use the lower rate. For heavy infestations use a higher rate. Do not heap pellets. When applying to crops, ensure pellets do not become lodged in plant foliage. If pest is localised apply only to the infected area.
Alkaloid Poppies
Pasture, established & seeding, and Turf
Crop boundaries including road sides, subject to local authority permissions, Environmentally sensitive areas
Bare ground, including broadacre pre-emergent, pre-establish

Can be used in all situations where snail, slugs and slaters are a problem as per Directions For Use.

  • eco-shield Organic Snail & Slug Killer - 25kg
  • eco-shield® can be applied manually or through drop spreaders and most rotary spreaders as per directions for use. Calibration of spreaders is recommended at the beginning of each season to deliver a minimum of 30 pellets of bait / m2.

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