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APIS Bloom - 750 grams


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APIS Bloom - 15 kg

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APIS Bloom

APIS Bloom enhances pollination of flowering plants by attracting honeybees and encouraging them to visit longer resulting in higher pollination and fruit set. APIS Bloom is a Specialized Pheromone & Lure Application Technology or (SPLAT) that works to alter the honeybees natural instinct to forage close to their hives and make the treated crop a desirable food source to the honeybees.

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  • Mimics the release of Apis mellifera (European Honey Bee) worker bee pheromones in a slow release form over 3-4 weeks
  • Causes worker honeybees to move more uniformly through crops and spend more time in foraging activity
  • Field studies show consistently higher pollination, fruit set, and yield uniformity

10% Honey bee attractant
90% Matrix of plants oils, waxes and emulsifiers

APIS BLOOM releases a honey bee attractant at a controlled rate in crops. This tells passing honey bees that they are in an ideal place to stop and visit the flowers. When they return to the hive with a large load of pollen or nectar, they recruit other bees to join them on the next trip. In both ways, APIS Bloom promotes better pollination. APIS BLOOM should be applied when the crop reaches approximately 5% bloom. APIS BLOOM can be applied to any crop that depends on honey bee pollination for proper fruit set and quality.

TIMING OF APPLICATION: Proper application timing is key to the efficacy of APIS BLOOM. Carefully monitor the crop for flower opening. Only apply APIS BLOOM after flower opening has begun. For best results, start applying APIS BLOOM when 5% of crop flowers have opened. Reapply APIS BLOOM every 4 weeks while the crop is flowering.

APPLICATION METHOD: APIS BLOOM should be applied as many point sources in the field. APIS BLOOM can be manually applied with a caulking gun (750g caulking tubes) or mechanically using OCP’s SPLATAGATOR using the 15 kg pails. Contact an OCP representative for further advice.

APPLICATION RATE: Apply 1.5kg of undiluted APIS BLOOM per hectare per application. Apply a minimum of 500 point sources per hectare per application.

For APIS Bloom compatibility please contact your OCP representative.

  • APIS Bloom - 750 grams
  • APIS Bloom - 15 kg

Proper application timing of APIS Bloom is critical to its success. DO NOT apply APIS BLOOM when the crop is NOT flowering. Some crops, like raspberries or blueberries, are more responsive to increased pollination than others.

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