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Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant - 200 Litre

$2100 Inc. GST

Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant - 20 Litre

$318.25 Inc. GST

Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant - 5 Litre

$88.25 Inc. GST

Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant

Yates WiltNot is a non-toxic foliar spray that reduces the damage caused by climatic extremes, transit and transplanting stress. It forms a semi permeable, biodegradable film that can be applied to most trees, vines, turf, flower and vegetable crops.

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  • Helps to alleviate the effects of excessive heat, UV and frost-stress on plants
  • Reduces plant transpiration by up to 50%
  • Reduces the ravaging effects of salt spray and wind-related injury in coastal areas
  • Reduces shipping and handling stress during transit for nursery stock
  • Strengthens against transplant shock and increases survival rates

WiltNot is applied as a diluted foliar spray which dries to form a clear elastic protective coating that provides the plant with “a second skin” that alleviates the effects of weather related stress. When dried on the leaf surface, the elastic protective coating will stretch with initial plant growth. The protective coating will biodegrade in 30-60 days. WiltNot physically protects the plant against excessive wind and reduces the damaging effects of frost exposure.

Application Dosage Rate Comment
Transplanting of seedlings, cuttings and small shrubs 50mL per 1L of water To reduce transplant shock, spray or dip plants before transplanting.
Shrub and plant protection (incl. indoor plants) 50mL per 1L of water For total protection and reduced watering requirements.
Turf protection and transplanting 10L per 100L of water Apply at a rate of 100L of mix to 500m2 of turf. To extend the life of palleted turf, allow 1 hour drying time before cutting.
Transporting pot plants and trees 50mL per 1L of water Trim to size, spray 24 hours before moving. Spray pot plants 1 hour before moving.
Cropping and large scale projects 50mL per 1L of water Apply to run-off. Top and bottom of leaf.
UV, frost and wind protection 5L per 100L of water Apply 24 hours before these extreme weather conditions occur. Repeat in 4 weeks or as required.

WiltNot is not registered for tank mixing with other chemicals.

  • Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant - 200 Litre
  • Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant - 20 Litre
  • Yates Wiltnot Anti Transpirant - 5 Litre

WiltNot can be applied on all row and specialty crops including grapes, raisin, wine, table, berries, peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, citrus, lawns, golf courses, turf farms, cotton, sugar cane, wheat and ornamental plants. Application frequency may need to be revised depending on rate of growth of leaf expansion and environmental conditions.

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