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eco-flo gypsum - 800 Litre


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eco-flo gypsum - 15 Litre

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eco-flo gypsum

eco-flo gypsum is a fast acting liquid used to improve soil structure by reducing sodium (salt) and boosting both calcium and sulfur levels in soil. Adding eco-flo gypsum helps break up compacted clay soils, improving water infiltration and aeration as well as reducing soil erosion. Counteracts the effects of salt buildup caused by saline irrigation, excessive use of fertilisers containing sodium, groundwater level rise, and grey water use without altering soil pH.

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  • Breaks up compacted clay soils; improves water infiltration; improves aeration and reduces soil erosion
  • Reduces sodium (salt) build-up from saline irrigation and recycled/grey water use
  • Strengthens plant growth and fruit production by adding calcium & sulfur to the soil
  • Extremely concentrated – 1 L of eco-flo gypsum weighs 1.5 kg
  • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
  • Doesn’t alter soil pH but reduces Al3+ toxicity in acid sub-soil environments by forming stable AlSO4
  • Approved under ACO and OMRI Organic Standards

Active Ingredients: 19.2% w/v Calcium, 15.3% w/v Sulfur

eco-flo gypsum uses superfine particles of gypsum (compared to powdered gypsum) which makes it highly reactive with clay particles, encouraging them to bond and form larger soil crumbs. This in turn opens up the soil structure, increasing soil aeration and water filtration. eco-flo gypsum reduces run-off that contributes to erosion and fertiliser contamination of waterways. It also displaces sodium particles to reduce buildup from saline irrigation and grey water use.

Soil Sodium and Fertilizer Application

Use Na (%) in soil Sand/Loam L/ha Clay L/ha How to apply
Soil sodium (Na) displacement & compaction relief 5.0-7.5 25-50 50-75 Apply with a minimum dilution of 1 part to 5 parts water. For boom spray, use a minimum nozzle size of 06-08 or flood jet nozzles. For uniform application, maintain agitation throughout the application.
7.5-10 50-75 75-100
10-15 75-100 100-125
15+ 100-125 125-150
Calcium and/or sulfur deficiency 5-10 10-15 Apply monthly

Avoid applying with other Agchem products. A jar test is recommended to test for compatibility.

  • eco-flo gypsum - 800 Litre
  • eco-flo gypsum - 15 Litre

eco-flo gypsum is best applied to soils where surface irrigations of slightly saline irrigation water are used or where the main source of irrigation is from a recycled (grey) water source.

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