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MAXi-BUFF organic is a unique multi-function water conditioner and pH indicator formulated with a registered organic citric acid derived from a fermentation process and a special organic pH indicator. It is designed to rapidly and accurately adjust the pH and hardness of spray water while having a low exposure risk and not being corrosive to spray equipment.

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  • Improves foliar fertiliser coverage and uptake
  • Built-in auto pH indicator at pH 4.5 for optimum foliar fertiliser uptake
  • Acidifying agent for high pH water
  • Hard water salts neutraliser
  • Bio-surfactant to provide better leaf coverage

Fermentation derived Citric acid > 60%,
Organic pH indicator < 30%,
Organic surfactant < 2%

MAXi-BUFF organic is designed to improve the uptake and translocation of organic foliar nutrients and other sprays. MAXi-BUFF organic rapidly and very simply corrects spray alkalinity to the optimum pH range for foliar sprays and uptake of foliar nutrients. MAXi-BUFF organic also converts hard water calcium and magnesium salts into plant available micro-nutrients.MAXi-BUFF organic increases the availability of cations (H+) in the spray solution and on the leaf surface.This creates a cation diffusion gradient along which essential nutrients like Ca+, K+, Zn+, Mg+, Mn+ B+, Mo+ can move across and through plant cell walls.

MAXi-BUFF organic must be added in the spray solution after foliar fertilisers and before pesticides. Add MAXi-BUFF organic in small quantities to the spraying water with continuous agitation until the colour turns from Pink/Purple pH ≥ 7 to Purple/Orange pH 7-4 and Orange/Yellow pH ≤ 4.

Typically, 50mL of MAXi-BUFF organic will reduce 100L of solution from pH 8 to pH 4.5.

If the tank content cannot be visualised, take a 1L sample of the spray solution and add MAXi-BUFF organic drop by drop from a 1mL graduated syringe. Measure the quantity of MAXi-BUFF organic added to get to a stable orange colour of the 1L sample. Multiply that number by the number of litres in the tank and add that quantity to the tank. Harder water will require more MAXi-BUFF organic to reduce the pH.

  • Maxi-BUFF - 10 L
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