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Pyganic Organic Insecticide

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Pyganic Organic Insecticide

PyGanic® is based on Natural Pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemum daisies grown in Tasmania and other parts of the world. PyGanic® has no residues so can be used up to the day of harvest. PyGanic® is a fast knockdown insecticide making it compatible with IPM due to the fact that no residues remain after spraying.
PyGanic® is a known insecticide resistance breaker becuase the natural variation of pyrethrins in the product prevents insects building any resistance. PyGanic® is the only IFOAM, NOP, BioGro and BFA Registerd Organic Pyrethrum insecticide becuase it does not contain Piperenoyl butoxide (PBO) or other prohibited solvents.
Pack Sizes: 1L and 3.78L (1 USgallon)