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Yates Meister-15 100 days – 42 : 0 : 0

Yates Meister-15 100 days – 42 : 0 : 0

Yates Meister is a controlled release fertiliser, high in nitrogen.


• High quality slow release nitrogen released over 100 days at 25c
• Same high quality coating and reliability as Nutricote
• Soil type, moisture and pH have little impact on release curves
• Reliable controlled release maximises plants ability to utilise available nitrogen
• Low environmental impact compared to uncoated nitrogen
• Uniform white particle size 2.4 – 4ml

Nutrient release is matched to plant needs, ie. in winter when temperatures fall, plant growth slows and lower levels of nutrients are required, while the rate of nutrient release also slows in response to lower temperatures; Technical support and advice is available for all Yates Meister products; Yates Meister is manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Always read label recommendations before use. Consult with your Yates Agronomist to determine suitability of Meister for your specific crop needs.

Additional Information

The release rate of Yates Meister products are based on an average day/night soil temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. During the months when temperatures are consistently higher than this, release occurs more quickly, while in the cooler months the release rate is reduced. This characteristic is entirely predictable.

Pack sizes: 20kg