Amazing results from APIS BLOOM and BeeDAR in Almonds!

BeeDar Pollination Map 2

A WORLD FIRST trial using BeeDAR technology to track bee pollination activity in Almonds trees treated with APIS BLOOM bee attractant proves beyond any doubt that you can increase pollination activity in Almonds using APIS BLOOM!

The attached map shows at the top of the page the block treated with APIS BLOOM using our mechanical SPLATAGATOR and at the bottom is the untreated block. You will see that the red zones, or area of low bee pollination activity is a least 50% less in the APIS BLOOM treated paddock. The other amazing detail is that the number of hives and health of the hives closest to the APIS BLOOM block was much lower than the untreated area so you would normally expect much lower pollination activity in this block. We can now conclude that even under low hive numbers and hive health, APUS BLOOM has the ability to enhance bee pollination activity