Insect virus expert on hand at APAL/AUSVEG conference 
Dr. Philip Kessler’s visit to Australia and the APAL/AUSVEG Conference was very successful. Some very good discussions were had on Insect Virus technology and how best to use then as part of Integrated Pest Control strategies.

Phil is head of regulatory Affairs at Andermatt Biocontrol, Switzerland, a World Leader in insect virus technology. Phil has been with Andermatt for over 10 years and is responsible for the registration of biopesticides in the EU, USA, Australia and Asia. Phil is also on the Steering Committee for Microbials within the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association.

Phil and his team at Andermatt are at the forefront of insect virus technology development and are experts in the area of using virus products like GRANDEX® and HELICOVEX® to control major pests of horticultural crops like Heliothis, Codling moth and Oriental fruit moth. Phil will cover how to get the most out of virus sprays in terms of timing of sprays and the best fit within conventional and IPM or organically managed crops.

Phil also had many discussions with growers about their highly successful biofertiliser RhizoVital FBZ42. RhizoVital is a market leader in Europe as a highly effective biofertiliser for potatoes, carrots and other high value vegetable crops to improve yields and quality parameters.

Thank you to all the growers and other industry folk like Tony Filippi (FGV) for attending, organising and supporting Phil during his visit.